After a very successful previous year, we are continuing our growth and will achieve a new record result in 2022, despite the again difficult external influences. We are in the midst of a generational change, which not only affects the management - we have also become younger in sales and, among other things, gained an experienced employee in Altan Güngör. Due to the increased order backlog and current forecasts, we are planning further personnel reinforcements in the coming months. In the field of digitization, we are also moving with progress and have replaced old systems with online variants in many areas in order to be able to work more flexibly in the home office or field service. Next year, in time for the company's 50th anniversary, we will complete the long-planned change in management and finally herald the change in a new generation with Timo and Mark Waldhoff. We are optimistic about the future and look forward to continuing to grow together with our employees.


Big changes were coming for our company in 2021:
The ongoing pandemic and the increasing order backlog required a rethink in many areas of the company. In this context, we optimized internal interfaces and expanded the home office connections so that work is now possible from anywhere. With these measures, we were able to grow economically despite the external circumstances and continue to provide the usual service.
We have successfully had the existing environmental management system certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001 and introduced various measures that will further improve our ecological footprint. We were able to say goodbye to our two long-standing employees Werner Nachtigall and Harry Freund (altogether more than 80 years of service) - to whom we owe a large part of the company's history - at the end of the year on their well-deserved retirement. In contrast, our trainee Jörn Flockenhaus was able to successfully complete his training and is now an integral part of our team.
We look back on a very successful year 2021 and are pleased about the positive development.


We are starting 2020 with new production options and a more sophisticated service portfolio. NORM + DREH is increasingly distinguishing itself in the field of customer-specific production parts. In the course of further digitization and the advancing global market requirements, we have realigned our departments and responsibilities. Even before the corona pandemic had a major impact on Germany, Thomas Waldhoff was able to celebrate his 40th company anniversary in January. In order to reduce the risk of infection in connection with the corona pandemic to a minimum, clear security measures were established at an early stage, which were very well accepted and implemented by the employees. The general order situation is developing very positively for us anti-cyclically - the company closes 2020 with sales and profit growth despite the pandemic.


We continue to invest in the future of our employees and our company. Internally, further restructuring has taken place to adapt to the evolution of the market. Sabine Schröder celebrates her 25-anniversary.


We started the new year with a more modern website.
Internal processes have been optimized and through the use of modern technologies we have been able to further improve our productivity.


In order to further optimize our company processes and remain future-proof, we have switched to a new ERP system.
Our team has been strengthened by a new area manager: Nicole Höhl is taking over areas of responsibility from Wolfgang Eckstein, who has now retired after more than 40 years of great commitment to the company.
Introduction of a new document management system.


We have joined the key region, the industrial network of the Velbert/Heiligenhaus region.
Conversion to ISO 9001:2015.
Complete revision of our external presentation and marketing activities: Our service connects!


Werner Nachtigall celebrates his 40th company anniversary. Optimization of IT-supported business processes through new and more modern processes, as well as new and updated hardware and software.


Upgrade of the test laboratory with various measuring equipment. Acquisition of a new optical and non-contact measuring system to optimize quality management.


Equipment of the areas incoming goods and dispatch with vacuum technology to improve the ergonomics and increase the effectiveness.


Renewed expansion of storage capacity.


Despite the global economic crisis, the decline in sales in some market areas can be successfully cushioned by new business. Compared to many other companies, we are going through the general crisis without any downsizing or short-time working and ending the year in a positive light.


Harry Freund celebrates his 25 anniversary.


With a view to international business relations, the name of the company is changed.
The new company name Associated NORM+DREH GmbH also supports the trend towards increased cooperation with other medium-sized companies.


By rebuilding and expanding the racking systems, we ensure an increase in storage capacity.


Thomas Waldhoff celebrates his 25 anniversary.


Wolfgang Eckstein celebrates his 25 anniversary.


We start the year right in the new administration building next to the warehouse.
Werner Nachtigall is the first employee to celebrate his 25th anniversary.


followed the certification of the quality management system that had grown in itself.
Unforgotten are the words of praise from the auditor, who directly suggested that we participate in quality awards.


In addition to the limited partnership, the two shareholders Thomas Waldhoff and Klaus Waldhoff founded Vertriebs- GmbH, which has since been involved in the expansion of active business.
This year we also completed the implementation of our quality assurance system.
The focus of the self-developed system is on ensuring high-quality products and measures that stand out from the crowd.
Since then, numerous customer awards as a trusted and preferred supplier have encouraged us in this.