We continue to invest in the future of our employees and our company. Internally, further restructuring has taken place to adapt to the evolution of the market. Sabine Schröder celebrates her 25-anniversary.


We started the new year with a more modern internet presence. Internal processes have been optimized and we have been able to further improve our productivity through the use of modern technologies.


In order to further optimize our company processes and to remain sustainable, we have switched to a new ERP system. Our team will be strengthened by a new area manager: Nicole Höhl will be responsible for tasks of Wolfgang Eckstein, who has now retired after more than 40 years of great commitment to the company. Introduction of a new document management system.


We are the key region, joined the industrial network of the region Velbert / Heiligenhaus. Changeover to the ISO 9001: 2015. Complete revision of our external presentation and marketing activities: Our service connects!


Werner Nachtigall celebrates his 40 anniversary. Optimization of IT-supported business processes through new and more modern processes, as well as new and updated hardware and software.


Upgrading the test laboratory with various measuring equipment. Acquisition of a new optical and non-contact measuring system to optimize quality management.


Equipment of the areas incoming goods and dispatch with vacuum technology to improve the ergonomics and increase the effectiveness.


Renewed expansion of storage capacity.


Despite the global economic crisis, the decline in sales in some market areas can be successfully cushioned by new business. Compared to many other companies, we are going through the general crisis without any downsizing or short-time working and ending the year in a positive light.


Harry Freund celebrates his 25 anniversary.


In view of international business relations, the name of the company is adjusted. The new name Associated NORM + DREH GmbH also supports the trend towards increased cooperation with other medium-sized companies.


By rebuilding and expanding the racking systems, we ensure an increase in storage capacity.


Thomas Waldhoff celebrates his 25 anniversary.


Wolfgang Eckstein celebrates his 25 anniversary.


We start the year directly in the new administration building next to the warehouse. Werner Nachtigall is the first employee to celebrate his 25 anniversary.


followed the certification of the grown quality management system. Unforgettable are the words of praise from the auditor, who directly suggested participation in quality awards.


In addition to the KG, the two shareholders Thomas Waldhoff and Klaus Waldhoff founded the Vertriebs GmbH, which has since been involved in the expansion of active business. This year, we also completed the implementation of our quality assurance system. The focus of the self-developed system is to ensure high-quality products and measures that stand out from the crowd. Since then, numerous customer awards have confirmed this as a trusted and preferred supplier.


The steady increase in business volume necessitated a renewed expansion of storage capacity. In the neighborhood, a 6000 sqm of land was purchased and built the current warehouse. Options for the future are secured on site.


The positive business performance also continued during general economic fluctuations. In a few years, the number of customers multiplied. The Waldhoff family acquired the entire company shares. Shareholders were now also the two sons Thomas Waldhoff and Klaus Waldhoff.


The first big move. NORM + DREH and the turning parts factory moved into a newly built much larger building. Finally, adequate storage and office space was available. In the same year, the former authorized representative Alfons Waldhoff and his wife acquired the first shares in NORM + DREH.