A significant portion of our activities is about special parts!

Various special parts producer supplier
Special parts according to your wishes and requirements

On the basis of your specifications (by means of drawings or samples), we select the optimum production technology for you and offer you a suitable solution. For individual specifications, there are hardly any limits to your requirements.
This includes (almost) all diameter ranges, lengths and thread forms (fine, left, UNC, BSW, etc.), all materials, as well as product classes / requirements and surfaces.

Rapid technical progress is increasingly opening up the possibility of replacing expensive production processes with new, more economical production methods.

We support you by selecting an optimal production technology - take advantage of the advantages and flexibility of a medium-sized partner!

Here is a small selection of possibilities:

  • Wire parts
  • castings
  • Kaltformteile
  • Forgings
  • stampings
  • Hot formed parts
  • Zinc die cast parts