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ThreadArttoleranceSlopeFlanks ᴓ Outside ᴓ max.Outside ᴓ min.Core ᴓ max.Core ᴓ min.
M1x0,2fine thread4g0,20 mm0.87 mm0.983 mm0.947 mm0.738 mm0.699 mm
M1x0,2fine thread4h0,20 mm0.87 mm1 mm0.964 mm0.755 mm0.716 mm
M1x0,2fine thread6g0,20 mm0.87 mm0.983 mm0.927 mm0.738 mm0.681 mm
M1x0,2fine thread6h0,20 mm0.87 mm1 mm0.944 mm0.755 mm0.698 mm
M1x0,2fine thread6e0,20 mm0.87 mm0.955 mm0.899 mm0.71 mm0.653 mm
M1x0,2fine thread4G0,20 mm0.87 mm1.017 mm0.838 mm0.8 mm
M1x0,2fine thread4H0,20 mm0.87 mm1 mm0.821 mm0.783 mm
M1x0,2fine thread6G0,20 mm0.87 mm1.017 mm0.86 mm0.8 mm
M1x0,2fine thread6H0,20 mm0.87 mm1 mm0.843 mm0.783 mm
M1coarse thread4g0.25 mm0.838 mm0.982 mm0.94 mm0.675 mm0.631 mm
M1coarse thread4h0.25 mm0.838 mm1 mm0.958 mm0.693 mm0.649 mm
M1coarse thread6g0.25 mm0.838 mm0.982 mm0.915 mm0.675 mm0.612 mm
M1coarse thread6h0.25 mm0.838 mm1 mm0.933 mm0.693 mm0.63 mm
M1coarse thread6e0.25 mm0.838 mm0.955 mm0.888 mm0.648 mm0.585 mm
M1coarse thread4G0.25 mm0.838 mm1.018 mm0.792 mm0.747 mm
M1coarse thread4H0.25 mm0.838 mm1 mm0.774 mm0.729 mm
M1coarse thread6G0.25 mm0.838 mm1.018 mm0.818 mm0.747 mm
M1coarse thread6H0.25 mm0.838 mm1 mm0.8 mm0.729 mm
M1,2x0,2fine thread4g0,20 mm1.07 mm1.183 mm1.147 mm0.938 mm0.899 mm
M1,2x0,2fine thread4h0,20 mm1.07 mm1.2 mm1.164 mm0.955 mm0.916 mm
M1,2x0,2fine thread6g0,20 mm1.07 mm1.183 mm1.127 mm0.938 mm0.881 mm
M1,2x0,2fine thread6h0,20 mm1.07 mm1.2 mm1.144 mm0.955 mm0.898 mm
M1,2x0,2fine thread6e0,20 mm1.07 mm1.155 mm1.099 mm0.91 mm0.853 mm
M1,2x0,2fine thread4G0,20 mm1.07 mm1.217 mm1.038 mm1 mm
M1,2x0,2fine thread4H0,20 mm1.07 mm1.2 mm1.021 mm0.983 mm
M1,2x0,2fine thread6G0,20 mm1.07 mm1.217 mm1.06 mm1 mm
M1,2x0,2fine thread6H0,20 mm1.07 mm1.2 mm1.043 mm0.983 mm
M1,2coarse thread4g0.25 mm1.038 mm1.182 mm1.14 mm0.875 mm0.831 mm
M1,2coarse thread4h0.25 mm1.038 mm1.2 mm1.158 mm0.893 mm0.849 mm
M1,2coarse thread6g0.25 mm1.038 mm1.182 mm1.115 mm0.875 mm0.812 mm
M1,2coarse thread6h0.25 mm1.038 mm1.2 mm1.133 mm0.893 mm0.83 mm
M1,2coarse thread6e0.25 mm1.038 mm1.155 mm1.088 mm0.848 mm0.785 mm
M1,2coarse thread4G0.25 mm1.038 mm1.218 mm0.992 mm0.947 mm
M1,2coarse thread4H0.25 mm1.038 mm1.2 mm0.974 mm0.929 mm
M1,2coarse thread6G0.25 mm1.038 mm1.218 mm1.018 mm0.947 mm
M1,2coarse thread6H0.25 mm1.038 mm1.2 mm1 mm0.929 mm
M1,4x0,2fine thread4g0,20 mm1.27 mm1.383 mm1.347 mm1.138 mm1.099 mm
M1,4x0,2fine thread4h0,20 mm1.27 mm1.4 mm1.364 mm1.155 mm1.116 mm
M1,4x0,2fine thread6g0,20 mm1.27 mm1.383 mm1.327 mm1.138 mm1.081 mm
M1,4x0,2fine thread6h0,20 mm1.27 mm1.4 mm1.344 mm1.155 mm1.098 mm
M1,4x0,2fine thread6e0,20 mm1.27 mm1.355 mm1.299 mm1.11 mm1.053 mm
M1,4x0,2fine thread4G0,20 mm1.27 mm1.417 mm1.238 mm1.2 mm
M1,4x0,2fine thread4H0,20 mm1.27 mm1.4 mm1.221 mm1.183 mm
M1,4x0,2fine thread6G0,20 mm1.27 mm1.417 mm1.26 mm1.2 mm
M1,4x0,2fine thread6H0,20 mm1.27 mm1.4 mm1.243 mm1.183 mm
M1,4coarse thread4g0.3 mm1.205 mm1.382 mm1.334 mm1.014 mm0.966 mm
M1,4coarse thread4h0.3 mm1.205 mm1.4 mm1.352 mm1.032 mm0.984 mm
M1,4coarse thread6g0.3 mm1.205 mm1.382 mm1.307 mm1.014 mm0.946 mm
M1,4coarse thread6h0.3 mm1.205 mm1.4 mm1.325 mm1.032 mm0.964 mm
M1,4coarse thread6e0.3 mm1.205 mm1.354 mm1.279 mm0.986 mm0.918 mm
M1,4coarse thread4G0.3 mm1.205 mm1.418 mm1.146 mm1.093 mm
M1,4coarse thread4H0.3 mm1.205 mm1.4 mm1.128 mm1.075 mm
M1,4coarse thread6G0.3 mm1.205 mm1.418 mm1.178 mm1.093 mm
M1,4coarse thread6H0.3 mm1.205 mm1.4 mm1.16 mm1.075 mm
M1,6x0,2fine thread4g0,20 mm1.47 mm1.583 mm1.547 mm1.338 mm1.297 mm
M1,6x0,2fine thread4h0,20 mm1.47 mm1.6 mm1.564 mm1.355 mm1.314 mm
M1,6x0,2fine thread6g0,20 mm1.47 mm1.583 mm1.527 mm1.338 mm1.279 mm
M1,6x0,2fine thread6h0,20 mm1.47 mm1.6 mm1.544 mm1.355 mm1.296 mm
M1,6x0,2fine thread6e0,20 mm1.47 mm1.555 mm1.499 mm1.31 mm1.251 mm
M1,6x0,2fine thread4G0,20 mm1.47 mm1.617 mm1.438 mm1.4 mm
M1,6x0,2fine thread4H0,20 mm1.47 mm1.6 mm1.421 mm1.383 mm
M1,6x0,2fine thread6G0,20 mm1.47 mm1.617 mm1.46 mm1.4 mm
M1,6x0,2fine thread6H0,20 mm1.47 mm1.6 mm1.443 mm1.383 mm
M1,6coarse thread4g0.35 mm1.373 mm1.581 mm1.528 mm1.152 mm1.098 mm
M1,6coarse thread4h0.35 mm1.373 mm1.6 mm1.547 mm1.171 mm1.117 mm
M1,6coarse thread6g0.35 mm1.373 mm1.581 mm1.496 mm1.152 mm1.075 mm
M1,6coarse thread6h0.35 mm1.373 mm1.6 mm1.515 mm1.171 mm1.094 mm
M1,6coarse thread6e0.35 mm1.373 mm1.554 mm1.469 mm1.125 mm1.048 mm
M1,6coarse thread4G0.35 mm1.373 mm1.619 mm1.303 mm1.24 mm
M1,6coarse thread4H0.35 mm1.373 mm1.6 mm1.284 mm1.221 mm
M1,6coarse thread6G0.35 mm1.373 mm1.619 mm1.34 mm1.24 mm
M1,6coarse thread6H0.35 mm1.373 mm1.6 mm1.321 mm1.221 mm
M1,8x0,2fine thread4g0,20 mm1.67 mm1.783 mm1.747 mm1.538 mm1.497 mm
M1,8x0,2fine thread4h0,20 mm1.67 mm1.8 mm1.764 mm1.555 mm1.514 mm
M1,8x0,2fine thread6g0,20 mm1.67 mm1.783 mm1.727 mm1.538 mm1.479 mm
M1,8x0,2fine thread6h0,20 mm1.67 mm1.8 mm1.744 mm1.555 mm1.496 mm
M1,8x0,2fine thread6e0,20 mm1.67 mm1.755 mm1.699 mm1.51 mm1.451 mm
M1,8x0,2fine thread4G0,20 mm1.67 mm1.817 mm1.638 mm1.6 mm
M1,8x0,2fine thread4H0,20 mm1.67 mm1.8 mm1.621 mm1.583 mm
M1,8x0,2fine thread6G0,20 mm1.67 mm1.817 mm1.66 mm1.6 mm
M1,8x0,2fine thread6H0,20 mm1.67 mm1.8 mm1.643 mm1.583 mm
M1,8coarse thread4g0.35 mm1.573 mm1.781 mm1.728 mm1.352 mm1.298 mm
M1,8coarse thread4h0.35 mm1.573 mm1.8 mm1.747 mm1.371 mm1.317 mm
M1,8coarse thread6g0.35 mm1.573 mm1.781 mm1.696 mm1.352 mm1.275 mm
M1,8coarse thread6h0.35 mm1.573 mm1.8 mm1.715 mm1.371 mm1.294 mm
M1,8coarse thread6e0.35 mm1.573 mm1.754 mm1.669 mm1.325 mm1.248 mm
M1,8coarse thread4G0.35 mm1.573 mm1.819 mm1.503 mm1.44 mm
M1,8coarse thread4H0.35 mm1.573 mm1.8 mm1.484 mm1.421 mm
M1,8coarse thread6G0.35 mm1.573 mm1.819 mm1.54 mm1.44 mm
M1,8coarse thread6H0.35 mm1.573 mm1.8 mm1.521 mm1.421 mm
M2x0,2fine thread4g0,20 mm1.87 mm1.983 mm1.947 mm1.738 mm1.697 mm
M2x0,2fine thread4h0,20 mm1.87 mm2 mm1.964 mm1.755 mm1.714 mm
M2x0,2fine thread6g0,20 mm1.87 mm1.983 mm1.927 mm1.738 mm1.679 mm
M2x0,2fine thread6h0,20 mm1.87 mm2 mm1.944 mm1.755 mm1.696 mm
M2x0,2fine thread6e0,20 mm1.87 mm1.955 mm1.899 mm1.71 mm1.651 mm
M2x0,2fine thread4G0,20 mm1.87 mm2.017 mm1.838 mm1.8 mm
M2x0,2fine thread4H0,20 mm1.87 mm2 mm1.821 mm1.783 mm
M2x0,2fine thread6G0,20 mm1.87 mm2.017 mm1.86 mm1.8 mm
M2x0,2fine thread6H0,20 mm1.87 mm2 mm1.843 mm1.783 mm
M2x0,25fine thread4g0,25 mm1.838 mm1.982 mm1.94 mm1.675 mm1.629 mm
M2x0,25fine thread4h0,25 mm1.838 mm2 mm1.958 mm1.693 mm1.647 mm
M2x0,25fine thread6g0,25 mm1.838 mm1.982 mm1.915 mm1.675 mm1.609 mm
M2x0,25fine thread6h0,25 mm1.838 mm2 mm1.933 mm1.693 mm1.627 mm
M2x0,25fine thread6e0,25 mm1.838 mm1.955 mm1.888 mm1.648 mm1.582 mm
M2x0,25fine thread4G0,25 mm1.838 mm2.018 mm1.792 mm1.747 mm
M2x0,25fine thread4H0,25 mm1.838 mm2 mm1.774 mm1.729 mm
M2x0,25fine thread6G0,25 mm1.838 mm2.018 mm1.818 mm1.747 mm
M2x0,25fine thread6H0,25 mm1.838 mm2 mm1.8 mm1.729 mm
M2x0,35fine thread4g0,35 mm1.773 mm1.981 mm1.928 mm1.552 mm1.498 mm
M2x0,35fine thread4h0,35 mm1.773 mm2 mm1.947 mm1.571 mm1.517 mm
M2x0,35fine thread6g0,35 mm1.773 mm1.981 mm1.896 mm1.552 mm1.475 mm
M2x0,35fine thread6h0,35 mm1.773 mm2 mm1.915 mm1.571 mm1.494 mm
M2x0,35fine thread6e0,35 mm1.773 mm1.954 mm1.869 mm1.525 mm1.448 mm
M2x0,35fine thread4G0,35 mm1.773 mm2.019 mm1.703 mm1.64 mm
M2x0,35fine thread4H0,35 mm1.773 mm2 mm1.684 mm1.621 mm
M2x0,35fine thread6G0,35 mm1.773 mm2.019 mm1.74 mm1.64 mm
M2x0,35fine thread6H0,35 mm1.773 mm2 mm1.721 mm1.621 mm
M2coarse thread4g0.4 mm1.74 mm1.981 mm1.921 mm1.49 mm1.432 mm
M2coarse thread4h0.4 mm1.74 mm2 mm1.94 mm1.509 mm1.451 mm
M2coarse thread6g0.4 mm1.74 mm1.981 mm1.886 mm1.49 mm1.407 mm
M2coarse thread6h0.4 mm1.74 mm2 mm1.905 mm1.509 mm1.426 mm
M2coarse thread6e0.4 mm1.74 mm1.952 mm1.857 mm1.461 mm1.378 mm
M2coarse thread4G0.4 mm1.74 mm2.019 mm1.657 mm1.586 mm
M2coarse thread4H0.4 mm1.74 mm2 mm1.638 mm1.567 mm
M2coarse thread6G0.4 mm1.74 mm2.019 mm1.698 mm1.586 mm
M2coarse thread6H0.4 mm1.74 mm2 mm1.679 mm1.567 mm
M2,2x0,2fine thread4g0,20 mm2.07 mm2.183 mm2.147 mm1.938 mm1.897 mm
M2,2x0,2fine thread4h0,20 mm2.07 mm2.2 mm2.164 mm1.955 mm1.914 mm
M2,2x0,2fine thread6g0,20 mm2.07 mm2.183 mm2.127 mm1.938 mm1.879 mm
M2,2x0,2fine thread6h0,20 mm2.07 mm2.2 mm2.144 mm1.955 mm1.896 mm
M2,2x0,2fine thread6e0,20 mm2.07 mm2.155 mm2.099 mm1.91 mm1.851 mm
M2,2x0,2fine thread4G0,20 mm2.07 mm2.217 mm2.038 mm2 mm
M2,2x0,2fine thread4H0,20 mm2.07 mm2.2 mm2.021 mm1.983 mm
M2,2x0,2fine thread6G0,20 mm2.07 mm2.217 mm2.06 mm2 mm
M2,2x0,2fine thread6H0,20 mm2.07 mm2.2 mm2.043 mm1.983 mm
M2,2x0,25fine thread4g0,25 mm2.038 mm2.182 mm2.14 mm1.875 mm1.829 mm
M2,2x0,25fine thread4h0,25 mm2.038 mm2.2 mm2.158 mm1.893 mm1.847 mm
M2,2x0,25fine thread6g0,25 mm2.038 mm2.182 mm2.115 mm1.875 mm1.809 mm
M2,2x0,25fine thread6h0,25 mm2.038 mm2.2 mm2.133 mm1.893 mm1.827 mm
M2,2x0,25fine thread6e0,25 mm2.038 mm2.155 mm2.088 mm1.848 mm1.782 mm
M2,2x0,25fine thread4G0,25 mm2.038 mm2.218 mm1.992 mm1.947 mm
M2,2x0,25fine thread4H0,25 mm2.038 mm2.2 mm1.974 mm1.929 mm
M2,2x0,25fine thread6G0,25 mm2.038 mm2.218 mm2.018 mm1.947 mm
M2,2x0,25fine thread6H0,25 mm2.038 mm2.2 mm2 mm1.929 mm
M2,2x0,35fine thread4g0,35 mm1.973 mm2.181 mm2.128 mm1.752 mm1.698 mm
M2,2x0,35fine thread4h0,35 mm1.973 mm2.2 mm2.147 mm1.771 mm1.717 mm
M2,2x0,35fine thread6g0,35 mm1.973 mm2.181 mm2.096 mm1.752 mm1.675 mm
M2,2x0,35fine thread6h0,35 mm1.973 mm2.2 mm2.115 mm1.771 mm1.694 mm
M2,2x0,35fine thread6e0,35 mm1.973 mm2.154 mm2.069 mm1.725 mm1.648 mm
M2,2x0,35fine thread4G0,35 mm1.973 mm2.219 mm1.903 mm1.84 mm
M2,2x0,35fine thread4H0,35 mm1.973 mm2.2 mm1.884 mm1.821 mm
M2,2x0,35fine thread6G0,35 mm1.973 mm2.219 mm1.94 mm1.84 mm
M2,2x0,35fine thread6H0,35 mm1.973 mm2.2 mm1.921 mm1.821 mm
M2,2coarse thread4g0.45 mm1.908 mm2.18 mm2.117 mm1.628 mm1.566 mm
M2,2coarse thread4h0.45 mm1.908 mm2.2 mm2.137 mm1.648 mm1.586 mm
M2,2coarse thread6g0.45 mm1.908 mm2.18 mm2.08 mm1.628 mm1.54 mm
M2,2coarse thread6h0.45 mm1.908 mm2.2 mm2.1 mm1.648 mm1.56 mm
M2,2coarse thread6e0.45 mm1.908 mm2.152 mm2.052 mm1.6 mm1.512 mm
M2,2coarse thread4G0.45 mm1.908 mm2.22 mm1.813 mm1.733 mm
M2,2coarse thread4H0.45 mm1.908 mm2.2 mm1.793 mm1.713 mm
M2,2coarse thread6G0.45 mm1.908 mm2.22 mm1.858 mm1.733 mm
M2,2coarse thread6H0.45 mm1.908 mm2.2 mm1.838 mm1.713 mm
M2,5x0,2fine thread4g0,20 mm2.37 mm2.483 mm2.447 mm2.238 mm2.197 mm
M2,5x0,2fine thread4h0,20 mm2.37 mm2.5 mm2.464 mm2.255 mm2.214 mm
M2,5x0,2fine thread6g0,20 mm2.37 mm2.483 mm2.427 mm2.238 mm2.179 mm
M2,5x0,2fine thread6h0,20 mm2.37 mm2.5 mm2.444 mm2.255 mm2.196 mm
M2,5x0,2fine thread6e0,20 mm2.37 mm2.455 mm2.399 mm2.21 mm2.151 mm
M2,5x0,2fine thread4G0,20 mm2.37 mm2.517 mm2.338 mm2.3 mm
M2,5x0,2fine thread4H0,20 mm2.37 mm2.5 mm2.321 mm2.283 mm
M2,5x0,2fine thread6G0,20 mm2.37 mm2.517 mm2.36 mm2.3 mm
M2,5x0,2fine thread6H0,20 mm2.37 mm2.5 mm2.343 mm2.283 mm
M2,5x0,25fine thread4g0,25 mm2.338 mm2.482 mm2.44 mm2.175 mm2.129 mm
M2,5x0,25fine thread4h0,25 mm2.338 mm2.5 mm2.458 mm2.193 mm2.147 mm
M2,5x0,25fine thread6g0,25 mm2.338 mm2.482 mm2.415 mm2.175 mm2.109 mm
M2,5x0,25fine thread6h0,25 mm2.338 mm2.5 mm2.433 mm2.193 mm2.127 mm
M2,5x0,25fine thread6e0,25 mm2.338 mm2.455 mm2.388 mm2.148 mm2.082 mm
M2,5x0,25fine thread4G0,25 mm2.338 mm2.518 mm2.292 mm2.247 mm
M2,5x0,25fine thread4H0,25 mm2.338 mm2.5 mm2.274 mm2.229 mm
M2,5x0,25fine thread6G0,25 mm2.338 mm2.518 mm2.318 mm2.247 mm
M2,5x0,25fine thread6H0,25 mm2.338 mm2.5 mm2.3 mm2.229 mm
M2,5x0,35fine thread4g0,35 mm2.273 mm2.481 mm2.428 mm2.052 mm1.998 mm
M2,5x0,35fine thread4h0,35 mm2.273 mm2.5 mm2.447 mm2.071 mm2.017 mm
M2,5x0,35fine thread6g0,35 mm2.273 mm2.481 mm2.396 mm2.052 mm1.975 mm
M2,5x0,35fine thread6h0,35 mm2.273 mm2.5 mm2.415 mm2.071 mm1.994 mm
M2,5x0,35fine thread6e0,35 mm2.273 mm2.454 mm2.369 mm2.025 mm1.948 mm
M2,5x0,35fine thread4G0,35 mm2.273 mm2.519 mm2.203 mm2.203 mm
M2,5x0,35fine thread4H0,35 mm2.273 mm2.5 mm2.184 mm2.121 mm
M2,5x0,35fine thread6G0,35 mm2.273 mm2.519 mm2.24 mm2.14 mm
M2,5x0,35fine thread6H0,35 mm2.273 mm2.5 mm2.221 mm2.121 mm
M2,5coarse thread4g0.45 mm2.208 mm2.48 mm2.417 mm1.928 mm1.866 mm
M2,5coarse thread4h0.45 mm2.208 mm2.5 mm2.437 mm1.948 mm1.886 mm
M2,5coarse thread6g0.45 mm2.208 mm2.48 mm2.38 mm1.928 mm1.84 mm
M2,5coarse thread6h0.45 mm2.208 mm2.5 mm2.4 mm1.948 mm1.86 mm
M2,5coarse thread6e0.45 mm2.208 mm2.452 mm2.352 mm1.9 mm1.812 mm
M2,5coarse thread4G0.45 mm2.208 mm2.52 mm2.113 mm2.033 mm
M2,5coarse thread4H0.45 mm2.208 mm2.5 mm2.093 mm2.013 mm
M2,5coarse thread6G0.45 mm2.208 mm2.52 mm2.158 mm2.033 mm
M2,5coarse thread6H0.45 mm2.208 mm2.5 mm2.138 mm2.013 mm
M3x0,2fine thread4g0,20 mm2.87 mm2.983 mm2.947 mm2.738 mm2.695 mm
M3x0,2fine thread4h0,20 mm2.87 mm3 mm2.964 mm2.755 mm2.712 mm
M3x0,2fine thread6g0,20 mm2.87 mm2.983 mm2.927 mm2.738 mm2.676 mm
M3x0,2fine thread6h0,20 mm2.87 mm3 mm2.944 mm2.755 mm2.693 mm
M3x0,2fine thread6e0,20 mm2.87 mm2.955 mm2.899 mm2.71 mm2.648 mm
M3x0,2fine thread4G0,20 mm2.87 mm3.017 mm2.838 mm2.8 mm
M3x0,2fine thread4H0,20 mm2.87 mm3 mm2.821 mm2.783 mm
M3x0,2fine thread6G0,20 mm2.87 mm3.017 mm2.86 mm2.8 mm
M3x0,2fine thread6H0,20 mm2.87 mm3 mm2.843 mm2.783 mm
M3x0,25fine thread4g0,25 mm2.838 mm2.982 mm2.94 mm2.675 mm2.627 mm
M3x0,25fine thread4h0,25 mm2.838 mm3 mm2.958 mm2.693 mm2.645 mm
M3x0,25fine thread6g0,25 mm2.838 mm2.982 mm2.915 mm2.675 mm2.605 mm
M3x0,25fine thread6h0,25 mm2.838 mm3 mm2.933 mm2.693 mm2.623 mm
M3x0,25fine thread6e0,25 mm2.838 mm2.955 mm2.888 mm2.648 mm2.578 mm
M3x0,25fine thread4G0,25 mm2.838 mm3.018 mm2.792 mm2.747 mm
M3x0,25fine thread4H0,25 mm2.838 mm3 mm2.774 mm2.729 mm
M3x0,25fine thread6G0,25 mm2.838 mm3.018 mm2.818 mm2.747 mm
M3x0,25fine thread6H0,25 mm2.838 mm3 mm2.8 mm2.729 mm
M3x0,35fine thread4g0.35 mm2.773 mm2.981 mm2.928 mm2.552 mm2.496 mm
M3x0,35fine thread4h0.35 mm2.773 mm3 mm2.947 mm2.571 mm2.515 mm
M3x0,35fine thread6g0.35 mm2.773 mm2.981 mm2.896 mm2.552 mm2.471 mm
M3x0,35fine thread6h0.35 mm2.773 mm3 mm2.915 mm2.571 mm2.49 mm
M3x0,35fine thread6e0.35 mm2.773 mm2.954 mm2.869 mm2.525 mm2.444 mm
M3x0,35fine thread4G0.35 mm2.773 mm3.019 mm2.703 mm2.64 mm
M3x0,35fine thread4H0.35 mm2.773 mm3 mm2.684 mm2.621 mm
M3x0,35fine thread6G0.35 mm2.773 mm3.019 mm2.74 mm2.64 mm
M3x0,35fine thread6H0.35 mm2.773 mm3 mm2.721 mm2.621 mm
M3coarse thread4g0.5 mm2.675 mm2.98 mm2.913 mm2.367 mm2.3 mm
M3coarse thread4h0.5 mm2.675 mm3 mm2.933 mm2.387 mm2.32 mm
M3coarse thread6g0.5 mm2.675 mm2.98 mm2.874 mm2.367 mm2.273 mm
M3coarse thread6h0.5 mm2.675 mm3 mm2.894 mm2.387 mm2.293 mm
M3coarse thread6e0.5 mm2.675 mm2.95 mm2.844 mm2.337 mm2.243 mm
M3coarse thread4G0.5 mm2.675 mm3.02 mm2.569 mm2.479 mm
M3coarse thread4H0.5 mm2.675 mm3 mm2.549 mm2.459 mm
M3coarse thread6G0.5 mm2.675 mm3.02 mm2.619 mm2.479 mm
M3coarse thread6H0.5 mm2.675 mm3 mm2.599 mm2.459 mm
M3,5x0,2fine thread4g0,20 mm3.37 mm3.483 mm3.447 mm3.238 mm3.195 mm
M3,5x0,2fine thread4h0,20 mm3.37 mm3.5 mm3.464 mm3.255 mm3.212 mm
M3,5x0,2fine thread6g0,20 mm3.37 mm3.483 mm3.427 mm3.238 mm3.176 mm
M3,5x0,2fine thread6h0,20 mm3.37 mm3.5 mm3.444 mm3.255 mm3.193 mm
M3,5x0,2fine thread6e0,20 mm3.37 mm3.455 mm3.399 mm3.21 mm3.148 mm
M3,5x0,2fine thread4G0,20 mm3.37 mm3.517 mm3.338 mm3.3 mm
M3,5x0,2fine thread4H0,20 mm3.37 mm3.5 mm3.321 mm3.283 mm
M3,5x0,2fine thread6G0,20 mm3.37 mm3.517 mm3.36 mm3.3 mm
M3,5x0,2fine thread6H0,20 mm3.37 mm3.5 mm3.343 mm3.283 mm
M3,5x0,25fine thread4g0,25 mm3.338 mm3.482 mm3.44 mm3.175 mm3.127 mm
M3,5x0,25fine thread4h0,25 mm3.338 mm3.5 mm3.458 mm3.193 mm3.145 mm
M3,5x0,25fine thread6g0,25 mm3.338 mm3.482 mm3.415 mm3.175 mm3.105 mm
M3,5x0,25fine thread6h0,25 mm3.338 mm3.5 mm3.433 mm3.193 mm3.123 mm
M3,5x0,25fine thread6e0,25 mm3.338 mm3.455 mm3.388 mm3.148 mm3.078 mm
M3,5x0,25fine thread4G0,25 mm3.338 mm3.518 mm3.292 mm3.247 mm
M3,5x0,25fine thread4H0,25 mm3.338 mm3.5 mm3.274 mm3.229 mm
M3,5x0,25fine thread6G0,25 mm3.338 mm3.518 mm3.318 mm3.247 mm
M3,5x0,25fine thread6H0,25 mm3.338 mm3.5 mm3.3 mm3.229 mm
M3,5x0,35fine thread4g0,35 mm3.273 mm3.481 mm3.428 mm3.052 mm2.996 mm
M3,5x0,35fine thread4h0,35 mm3.273 mm3.5 mm3.447 mm3.071 mm3.015 mm
M3,5x0,35fine thread6g0,35 mm3.273 mm3.481 mm3.396 mm3.052 mm2.971 mm
M3,5x0,35fine thread6h0,35 mm3.273 mm3.5 mm3.415 mm3.071 mm2.99 mm
M3,5x0,35fine thread6e0,35 mm3.273 mm3.454 mm3.369 mm3.025 mm2.944 mm
M3,5x0,35fine thread4G0,35 mm3.273 mm3.519 mm3.203 mm3.14 mm
M3,5x0,35fine thread4H0,35 mm3.273 mm3.5 mm3.184 mm3.121 mm
M3,5x0,35fine thread6G0,35 mm3.273 mm3.519 mm3.24 mm3.14 mm
M3,5x0,35fine thread6H0,35 mm3.273 mm3.5 mm3.221 mm3.121 mm
M3,5x0,5fine thread4g0,50 mm3.175 mm3.48 mm3.413 mm2.867 mm2.8 mm
M3,5x0,5fine thread4h0,50 mm3.175 mm3.5 mm3.433 mm2.887 mm2.82 mm
M3,5x0,5fine thread6g0,50 mm3.175 mm3.48 mm3.374 mm2.867 mm2.773 mm
M3,5x0,5fine thread6h0,50 mm3.175 mm3.5 mm3.394 mm2.887 mm2.793 mm
M3,5x0,5fine thread6e0,50 mm3.175 mm3.45 mm3.344 mm2.837 mm2.743 mm
M3,5x0,5fine thread4G0,50 mm3.175 mm3.52 mm3.069 mm2.979 mm
M3,5x0,5fine thread4H0,50 mm3.175 mm3.5 mm3.049 mm2.959 mm
M3,5x0,5fine thread6G0,50 mm3.175 mm3.52 mm3.119 mm2.979 mm
M3,5x0,5fine thread6H0,50 mm3.175 mm3.5 mm3.099 mm2.959 mm
M3,5coarse thread4g0.6 mm3.11 mm3.479 mm3.399 mm2.743 mm2.667 mm
M3,5coarse thread4h0.6 mm3.11 mm3.5 mm3.42 mm2.764 mm2.688 mm
M3,5coarse thread6g0.6 mm3.11 mm3.479 mm3.354 mm2.743 mm2.635 mm
M3,5coarse thread6h0.6 mm3.11 mm3.5 mm3.375 mm2.764 mm2.656 mm
M3,5coarse thread6e0.6 mm3.11 mm3.447 mm3.322 mm2.711 mm2.603 mm
M3,5coarse thread4G0.6 mm3.11 mm3.521 mm2.971 mm2.871 mm
M3,5coarse thread4H0.6 mm3.11 mm3.5 mm2.95 mm2.85 mm
M3,5coarse thread6G0.6 mm3.11 mm3.521 mm3.031 mm2.871 mm
M3,5coarse thread6H0.6 mm3.11 mm3.5 mm3.01 mm2.85 mm
M4x0,2fine thread4g0,20 mm3.87 mm3.983 mm3.947 mm3.738 mm3.695 mm
M4x0,2fine thread4h0,20 mm3.87 mm4 mm3.964 mm3.755 mm3.712 mm
M4x0,2fine thread6g0,20 mm3.87 mm3.983 mm3.927 mm3.738 mm3.676 mm
M4x0,2fine thread6h0,20 mm3.87 mm4 mm3.944 mm3.755 mm3.693 mm
M4x0,2fine thread6e0,20 mm3.87 mm3.955 mm3.899 mm3.71 mm3.648 mm
M4x0,2fine thread4G0,20 mm3.87 mm4.017 mm3.838 mm3.8 mm
M4x0,2fine thread4H0,20 mm3.87 mm4 mm3.821 mm3.783 mm
M4x0,2fine thread6G0,20 mm3.87 mm4.017 mm3.86 mm3.8 mm
M4x0,2fine thread6H0,20 mm3.87 mm4 mm3.843 mm3.783 mm
M4x0,25fine thread4g0,25 mm3.838 mm3.982 mm3.94 mm3.675 mm3.627 mm
M4x0,25fine thread4h0,25 mm3.838 mm4 mm3.958 mm3.693 mm3.645 mm
M4x0,25fine thread6g0,25 mm3.838 mm3.982 mm3.915 mm3.675 mm3.605 mm
M4x0,25fine thread6h0,25 mm3.838 mm4 mm3.933 mm3.693 mm3.623 mm
M4x0,25fine thread6e0,25 mm3.838 mm3.955 mm3.888 mm3.648 mm3.578 mm
M4x0,25fine thread4G0,25 mm3.838 mm4.018 mm3.792 mm3.747 mm
M4x0,25fine thread4H0,25 mm3.838 mm4 mm3.774 mm3.729 mm
M4x0,25fine thread6G0,25 mm3.838 mm4.018 mm3.818 mm3.747 mm
M4x0,25fine thread6H0,25 mm3.838 mm4 mm3.8 mm3.729 mm
M4x0,35fine thread4g0.35 mm3.773 mm3.981 mm3.928 mm3.552 mm3.496 mm
M4x0,35fine thread4h0.35 mm3.773 mm4 mm3.947 mm3.571 mm3.515 mm
M4x0,35fine thread6g0.35 mm3.773 mm3.981 mm3.896 mm3.552 mm3.471 mm
M4x0,35fine thread6h0.35 mm3.773 mm4 mm3.915 mm3.571 mm3.49 mm
M4x0,35fine thread6e0.35 mm3.773 mm3.954 mm3.869 mm3.525 mm3.444 mm
M4x0,35fine thread4G0.35 mm3.773 mm4.019 mm3.703 mm3.64 mm
M4x0,35fine thread4H0.35 mm3.773 mm4 mm3.684 mm3.621 mm
M4x0,35fine thread6G0.35 mm3.773 mm4.019 mm3.74 mm3.64 mm
M4x0,35fine thread6H0.35 mm3.773 mm4 mm3.721 mm3.621 mm
M4x0,5fine thread4g0,50 mm3.675 mm3.98 mm3.913 mm3.367 mm3.3 mm
M4x0,5fine thread4h0,50 mm3.675 mm4 mm3.933 mm3.387 mm3.32 mm
M4x0,5fine thread6g0,50 mm3.675 mm3.98 mm3.874 mm3.367 mm3.273 mm
M4x0,5fine thread6h0,50 mm3.675 mm4 mm3.894 mm3.387 mm3.293 mm
M4x0,5fine thread6e0,50 mm3.675 mm3.95 mm3.844 mm3.337 mm3.243 mm
M4x0,5fine thread4G0,50 mm3.675 mm4.02 mm3.569 mm3.479 mm
M4x0,5fine thread4H0,50 mm3.675 mm4 mm3.549 mm3.459 mm
M4x0,5fine thread6G0,50 mm3.675 mm4.02 mm3.619 mm3.479 mm
M4x0,5fine thread6H0,50 mm3.675 mm4 mm3.599 mm3.459 mm
M4coarse thread4g0.7 mm3.545 mm3.978 mm3.888 mm3.119 mm3.036 mm
M4coarse thread4h0.7 mm3.545 mm4 mm3.91 mm3.141 mm3.058 mm
M4coarse thread6g0.7 mm3.545 mm3.978 mm3.838 mm3.119 mm3.002 mm
M4coarse thread6h0.7 mm3.545 mm4 mm3.86 mm3.141 mm3.024 mm
M4coarse thread6e0.7 mm3.545 mm3.944 mm3.804 mm3.085 mm2.968 mm
M4coarse thread4G0.7 mm3.545 mm4.022 mm3.376 mm3.264 mm
M4coarse thread4H0.7 mm3.545 mm4 mm3.354 mm3.242 mm
M4coarse thread6G0.7 mm3.545 mm4.022 mm3.444 mm3.264 mm
M4coarse thread6H0.7 mm3.545 mm4 mm3.422 mm3.242 mm
M4,5x0,2fine thread4g0.2 mm4.37 mm4.483 mm4.447 mm4.238 mm4.195 mm
M4,5x0,2fine thread4h0.2 mm4.37 mm4.5 mm4.464 mm4.255 mm4.212 mm
M4,5x0,2fine thread6g0.2 mm4.37 mm4.483 mm4.427 mm4.238 mm4.176 mm
M4,5x0,2fine thread6h0.2 mm4.37 mm4.5 mm4.444 mm4.255 mm4.193 mm
M4,5x0,2fine thread6e0.2 mm4.37 mm4.455 mm4.399 mm4.21 mm4.148 mm
M4,5x0,2fine thread4G0.2 mm4.37 mm4.517 mm4.338 mm4.3 mm
M4,5x0,2fine thread4H0.2 mm4.37 mm4.5 mm4.321 mm4.283 mm
M4,5x0,2fine thread6G0.2 mm4.37 mm4.517 mm4.36 mm4.3 mm
M4,5x0,2fine thread6H0.2 mm4.37 mm4.5 mm4.343 mm4.283 mm
M4,5x0,35fine thread4g0.35 mm4.273 mm4.481 mm4.428 mm4.052 mm3.996 mm
M4,5x0,35fine thread4h0.35 mm4.273 mm4.5 mm4.447 mm4.071 mm4.015 mm
M4,5x0,35fine thread6g0.35 mm4.273 mm4.481 mm4.396 mm4.052 mm3.971 mm
M4,5x0,35fine thread6h0.35 mm4.273 mm4.5 mm4.415 mm4.071 mm3.99 mm
M4,5x0,35fine thread6e0.35 mm4.273 mm4.454 mm4.369 mm4.025 mm3.944 mm
M4,5x0,35fine thread4G0.35 mm4.273 mm4.519 mm4.203 mm4.14 mm
M4,5x0,35fine thread4H0.35 mm4.273 mm4.5 mm4.184 mm4.121 mm
M4,5x0,35fine thread6G0.35 mm4.273 mm4.519 mm4.24 mm4.14 mm
M4,5x0,35fine thread6H0.35 mm4.273 mm4.5 mm4.221 mm4.121 mm
M4,5x0,75fine thread4g0.75 mm4.013 mm4.478 mm4.388 mm3.558 mm3.473 mm
M4,5x0,75fine thread4h0.75 mm4.013 mm4.5 mm4.41 mm3.58 mm3.495 mm
M4,5x0,75fine thread6g0.75 mm4.013 mm4.478 mm4.338 mm3.558 mm3.439 mm
M4,5x0,75fine thread6h0.75 mm4.013 mm4.5 mm4.36 mm3.58 mm3.461 mm
M4,5x0,75fine thread6e0.75 mm4.013 mm4.444 mm4.304 mm3.524 mm3.405 mm
M4,5x0,75fine thread4G0.75 mm4.013 mm4.522 mm3.828 mm3.71 mm
M4,5x0,75fine thread4H0.75 mm4.013 mm4.5 mm3.806 mm3.688 mm
M4,5x0,75fine thread6G0.75 mm4.013 mm4.522 mm3.9 mm3.71 mm
M4,5x0,75fine thread6H0.75 mm4.013 mm4.5 mm3.878 mm3.688 mm
M5x0,2fine thread4g0,20 mm4.87 mm4.983 mm4.947 mm4.738 mm4.695 mm
M5x0,2fine thread4h0,20 mm4.87 mm5 mm4.964 mm4.755 mm4.712 mm
M5x0,2fine thread6g0,20 mm4.87 mm4.983 mm4.927 mm4.738 mm4.676 mm
M5x0,2fine thread6h0,20 mm4.87 mm5 mm4.944 mm4.755 mm4.693 mm
M5x0,2fine thread6e0,20 mm4.87 mm4.955 mm4.899 mm4.71 mm4.648 mm
M5x0,2fine thread4G0,20 mm4.87 mm5.017 mm4.838 mm4.8 mm
M5x0,2fine thread4H0,20 mm4.87 mm5 mm4.821 mm4.783 mm
M5x0,2fine thread6G0,20 mm4.87 mm5.017 mm4.86 mm4.8 mm
M5x0,2fine thread6H0,20 mm4.87 mm5 mm4.843 mm4.783 mm
M5x0,25fine thread4g0,25 mm4.838 mm4.982 mm4.94 mm4.675 mm4.627 mm
M5x0,25fine thread4h0,25 mm4.838 mm5 mm4.958 mm4.693 mm4.645 mm
M5x0,25fine thread6g0,25 mm4.838 mm4.982 mm4.915 mm4.675 mm4.605 mm
M5x0,25fine thread6h0,25 mm4.838 mm5 mm4.933 mm4.693 mm4.623 mm
M5x0,25fine thread6e0,25 mm4.838 mm4.955 mm4.888 mm4.648 mm4.578 mm
M5x0,25fine thread4G0,25 mm4.838 mm5.018 mm4.792 mm4.747 mm
M5x0,25fine thread4H0,25 mm4.838 mm5 mm4.774 mm4.729 mm
M5x0,25fine thread6G0,25 mm4.838 mm5.018 mm4.818 mm4.747 mm
M5x0,25fine thread6H0,25 mm4.838 mm5 mm4.8 mm4.729 mm
M5x0,35fine thread4g0.35 mm4.773 mm4.981 mm4.928 mm4.552 mm4.496 mm
M5x0,35fine thread4h0.35 mm4.773 mm5 mm4.947 mm4.571 mm4.515 mm
M5x0,35fine thread6g0.35 mm4.773 mm4.981 mm4.896 mm4.552 mm4.471 mm
M5x0,35fine thread6h0.35 mm4.773 mm5 mm4.915 mm4.571 mm4.49 mm
M5x0,35fine thread6e0.35 mm4.773 mm4.954 mm4.869 mm4.525 mm4.444 mm
M5x0,35fine thread4G0.35 mm4.773 mm5.019 mm4.703 mm4.64 mm
M5x0,35fine thread4H0.35 mm4.773 mm5 mm4.684 mm4.621 mm
M5x0,35fine thread6G0.35 mm4.773 mm5.019 mm4.74 mm4.64 mm
M5x0,35fine thread6H0.35 mm4.773 mm5 mm4.721 mm4.621 mm
M5x0,5fine thread4g0,50 mm4.675 mm4.98 mm4.913 mm4.367 mm4.3 mm
M5x0,5fine thread4h0,50 mm4.675 mm5 mm4.933 mm4.387 mm4.32 mm
M5x0,5fine thread6g0,50 mm4.675 mm4.98 mm4.874 mm4.367 mm4.273 mm
M5x0,5fine thread6h0,50 mm4.675 mm5 mm4.894 mm4.387 mm4.293 mm
M5x0,5fine thread6e0,50 mm4.675 mm4.95 mm4.844 mm4.337 mm4.243 mm
M5x0,5fine thread4G0,50 mm4.675 mm5.02 mm4.569 mm4.479 mm
M5x0,5fine thread4H0,50 mm4.675 mm5 mm4.549 mm4.459 mm
M5x0,5fine thread6G0,50 mm4.675 mm5.02 mm4.619 mm4.479 mm
M5x0,5fine thread6H0,50 mm4.675 mm5 mm4.599 mm4.459 mm
M5x0,75fine thread4g0,75 mm4.513 mm4.978 mm4.888 mm4.058 mm3.973 mm
M5x0,75fine thread4h0,75 mm4.513 mm5 mm4.91 mm4.08 mm3.995 mm
M5x0,75fine thread6g0,75 mm4.513 mm4.978 mm4.838 mm4.058 mm3.939 mm
M5x0,75fine thread6h0,75 mm4.513 mm5 mm4.86 mm4.08 mm3.961 mm
M5x0,75fine thread6e0,75 mm4.513 mm4.944 mm4.804 mm4.024 mm3.905 mm
M5x0,75fine thread4G0,75 mm4.513 mm5.022 mm4.328 mm4.21 mm
M5x0,75fine thread4H0,75 mm4.513 mm5 mm4.306 mm4.188 mm
M5x0,75fine thread6G0,75 mm4.513 mm5.022 mm4.4 mm4.21 mm
M5x0,75fine thread6H0,75 mm4.513 mm5 mm4.378 mm4.188 mm
M5coarse thread4g0.8 mm4.48 mm4.976 mm4.881 mm3.995 mm3.904 mm
M5coarse thread4h0.8 mm4.48 mm5 mm4.905 mm4.019 mm3.928 mm
M5coarse thread6g0.8 mm4.48 mm4.976 mm4.826 mm3.995 mm3.869 mm
M5coarse thread6h0.8 mm4.48 mm5 mm4.85 mm4.019 mm3.893 mm
M5coarse thread6e0.8 mm4.48 mm4.94 mm4.79 mm3.959 mm3.833 mm
M5coarse thread4G0.8 mm4.48 mm5.024 mm4.283 mm4.158 mm
M5coarse thread4H0.8 mm4.48 mm5 mm4.259 mm4.134 mm
M5coarse thread6G0.8 mm4.48 mm5.024 mm4.358 mm4.158 mm
M5coarse thread6H0.8 mm4.48 mm5 mm4.334 mm4.134 mm
M6x0,2fine thread4g0,20 mm5.87 mm5.983 mm5.947 mm5.738 mm5.693 mm
M6x0,2fine thread4h0,20 mm5.87 mm6 mm5.964 mm5.755 mm5.71 mm
M6x0,2fine thread6g0,20 mm5.87 mm5.983 mm5.927 mm5.738 mm5.673 mm
M6x0,2fine thread6h0,20 mm5.87 mm6 mm5.944 mm5.755 mm5.69 mm
M6x0,2fine thread6e0,20 mm5.87 mm5.955 mm5.899 mm5.71 mm5.645 mm
M6x0,2fine thread4G0,20 mm5.87 mm6.017 mm5.838 mm5.8 mm
M6x0,2fine thread4H0,20 mm5.87 mm6 mm5.821 mm5.783 mm
M6x0,2fine thread6G0,20 mm5.87 mm6.017 mm5.86 mm5.8 mm
M6x0,2fine thread6H0,20 mm5.87 mm6 mm5.843 mm5.783 mm
M6x0,25fine thread4g0,25 mm5.838 mm5.982 mm5.94 mm5.675 mm5.625 mm
M6x0,25fine thread4h0,25 mm5.838 mm6 mm5.958 mm5.693 mm5.643 mm
M6x0,25fine thread6g0,25 mm5.838 mm5.982 mm5.915 mm5.675 mm5.602 mm
M6x0,25fine thread6h0,25 mm5.838 mm6 mm5.933 mm5.693 mm5.62 mm
M6x0,25fine thread6e0,25 mm5.838 mm5.955 mm5.888 mm5.648 mm5.575 mm
M6x0,25fine thread4G0,25 mm5.838 mm6.018 mm5.792 mm5.747 mm
M6x0,25fine thread4H0,25 mm5.838 mm6 mm5.774 mm5.729 mm
M6x0,25fine thread6G0,25 mm5.838 mm6.018 mm5.818 mm5.747 mm
M6x0,25fine thread6H0,25 mm5.838 mm6 mm5.8 mm5.729 mm
M6x0,35fine thread4g0.35 mm5.773 mm5.981 mm5.928 mm5.552 mm5.493 mm
M6x0,35fine thread4h0.35 mm5.773 mm6 mm5.947 mm5.571 mm5.512 mm
M6x0,35fine thread6g0.35 mm5.773 mm5.981 mm5.896 mm5.552 mm5.467 mm
M6x0,35fine thread6h0.35 mm5.773 mm6 mm5.915 mm5.571 mm5.486 mm
M6x0,35fine thread6e0.35 mm5.773 mm5.954 mm5.869 mm5.525 mm5.44 mm
M6x0,35fine thread4G0.35 mm5.773 mm6.019 mm5.703 mm5.64 mm
M6x0,35fine thread4H0.35 mm5.773 mm6 mm5.684 mm5.621 mm
M6x0,35fine thread6G0.35 mm5.773 mm6.019 mm5.74 mm5.64 mm
M6x0,35fine thread6H0.35 mm5.773 mm6 mm5.721 mm5.621 mm
M6x0,5fine thread4g0,50 mm5.675 mm5.98 mm5.913 mm5.367 mm5.295 mm
M6x0,5fine thread4h0,50 mm5.675 mm6 mm5.933 mm5.387 mm5.315 mm
M6x0,5fine thread6g0,50 mm5.675 mm5.98 mm5.874 mm5.367 mm5.263 mm
M6x0,5fine thread6h0,50 mm5.675 mm6 mm5.894 mm5.387 mm5.283 mm
M6x0,5fine thread6e0,50 mm5.675 mm5.95 mm5.844 mm5.337 mm5.233 mm
M6x0,5fine thread4G0,50 mm5.675 mm6.02 mm5.569 mm5.479 mm
M6x0,5fine thread4H0,50 mm5.675 mm6 mm5.549 mm5.459 mm
M6x0,5fine thread6G0,50 mm5.675 mm6.02 mm5.619 mm5.479 mm
M6x0,5fine thread6H0,50 mm5.675 mm6 mm5.599 mm5.459 mm
M6x0,75fine thread4g0,75 mm5.513 mm5.978 mm5.888 mm5.058 mm4.966 mm
M6x0,75fine thread4h0,75 mm5.513 mm6 mm5.91 mm5.08 mm4.988 mm
M6x0,75fine thread6g0,75 mm5.513 mm5.978 mm5.838 mm5.058 mm4.929 mm
M6x0,75fine thread6h0,75 mm5.513 mm6 mm5.86 mm5.08 mm4.951 mm
M6x0,75fine thread6e0,75 mm5.513 mm5.944 mm5.804 mm5.024 mm4.895 mm
M6x0,75fine thread4G0,75 mm5.513 mm6.022 mm5.328 mm5.21 mm
M6x0,75fine thread4H0,75 mm5.513 mm6 mm5.306 mm5.188 mm
M6x0,75fine thread6G0,75 mm5.513 mm6.022 mm5.4 mm5.21 mm
M6x0,75fine thread6H0,75 mm5.513 mm6 mm5.378 mm5.188 mm
M6coarse thread4g1 mm5.35 mm5.974 mm5.862 mm4.747 mm4.637 mm
M6coarse thread4h1 mm5.35 mm6 mm5.888 mm4.773 mm4.663 mm
M6coarse thread6g1 mm5.35 mm5.974 mm5.794 mm4.747 mm4.596 mm
M6coarse thread6h1 mm5.35 mm6 mm5.82 mm4.773 mm4.622 mm
M6coarse thread6e1 mm5.35 mm5.94 mm5.76 mm4.713 mm4.562 mm
M6coarse thread4G1 mm5.35 mm6.026 mm5.093 mm4.943 mm
M6coarse thread4H1 mm5.35 mm6 mm5.067 mm4.917 mm
M6coarse thread6G1 mm5.35 mm6.026 mm5.179 mm4.943 mm
M6coarse thread6H1 mm5.35 mm6 mm5.153 mm4.917 mm
M7x0,35fine thread4g0.35 mm6.773 mm6.981 mm6.928 mm6.552 mm6.493 mm
M7x0,35fine thread4h0.35 mm6.773 mm7 mm6.947 mm6.571 mm6.512 mm
M7x0,35fine thread6g0.35 mm6.773 mm6.981 mm6.896 mm6.552 mm6.467 mm
M7x0,35fine thread6h0.35 mm6.773 mm7 mm6.915 mm6.571 mm6.486 mm
M7x0,35fine thread6e0.35 mm6.773 mm6.954 mm6.869 mm6.525 mm6.44 mm
M7x0,35fine thread4G0.35 mm6.773 mm7.019 mm6.703 mm6.64 mm
M7x0,35fine thread4H0.35 mm6.773 mm7 mm6.684 mm6.621 mm
M7x0,35fine thread6G0.35 mm6.773 mm7.019 mm6.74 mm6.64 mm
M7x0,35fine thread6H0.35 mm6.773 mm7 mm6.721 mm6.621 mm
M7x0,5fine thread4g0,50 mm6.675 mm6.98 mm6.913 mm6.367 mm6.295 mm
M7x0,5fine thread4h0,50 mm6.675 mm7 mm6.933 mm6.387 mm6.315 mm
M7x0,5fine thread6g0,50 mm6.675 mm6.98 mm6.874 mm6.367 mm6.263 mm
M7x0,5fine thread6h0,50 mm6.675 mm7 mm6.894 mm6.387 mm6.283 mm
M7x0,5fine thread6e0,50 mm6.675 mm6.95 mm6.844 mm6.337 mm6.233 mm
M7x0,5fine thread4G0,50 mm6.675 mm7.02 mm6.569 mm6.479 mm
M7x0,5fine thread4H0,50 mm6.675 mm7 mm6.549 mm6.459 mm
M7x0,5fine thread6G0,50 mm6.675 mm7.02 mm6.619 mm6.479 mm
M7x0,5fine thread6H0,50 mm6.675 mm7 mm6.599 mm6.459 mm
M7x0,75fine thread4g0,75 mm6.513 mm6.978 mm6.888 mm6.058 mm5.966 mm
M7x0,75fine thread4h0,75 mm6.513 mm7 mm6.91 mm6.08 mm5.988 mm
M7x0,75fine thread6g0,75 mm6.513 mm6.978 mm6.838 mm6.058 mm5.929 mm
M7x0,75fine thread6h0,75 mm6.513 mm7 mm6.86 mm6.08 mm5.951 mm
M7x0,75fine thread6e0,75 mm6.513 mm6.944 mm6.804 mm6.024 mm5.895 mm
M7x0,75fine thread4G0,75 mm6.513 mm7.022 mm6.328 mm6.21 mm
M7x0,75fine thread4H0,75 mm6.513 mm7 mm6.306 mm6.188 mm
M7x0,75fine thread6G0,75 mm6.513 mm7.022 mm6.4 mm6.21 mm
M7x0,75fine thread6H0,75 mm6.513 mm7 mm6.378 mm6.188 mm
M7coarse thread4g1 mm6.35 mm6.974 mm6.862 mm5.747 mm5.637 mm
M7coarse thread4h1 mm6.35 mm7 mm6.888 mm5.773 mm5.663 mm
M7coarse thread6g1 mm6.35 mm6.974 mm6.794 mm5.747 mm5.596 mm
M7coarse thread6h1 mm6.35 mm7 mm6.82 mm5.773 mm5.622 mm
M7coarse thread6e1 mm6.35 mm6.94 mm6.76 mm5.713 mm5.562 mm
M7coarse thread4G1 mm6.35 mm7.026 mm6.093 mm5.943 mm
M7coarse thread4H1 mm6.35 mm7 mm6.067 mm5.917 mm
M7coarse thread6G1 mm6.35 mm7.026 mm6.179 mm6.179 mm
M7coarse thread6H1 mm6.35 mm7 mm6.153 mm5.917 mm
M8x0,35fine thread4g0.35 mm7.773 mm7.981 mm7.928 mm7.552 mm7.493 mm
M8x0,35fine thread4h0.35 mm7.773 mm8 mm7.947 mm7.571 mm7.512 mm
M8x0,35fine thread6g0.35 mm7.773 mm7.981 mm7.896 mm7.552 mm7.467 mm
M8x0,35fine thread6h0.35 mm7.773 mm8 mm7.915 mm7.571 mm7.486 mm
M8x0,35fine thread6e0.35 mm7.773 mm7.954 mm7.869 mm7.525 mm7.44 mm
M8x0,35fine thread4G0.35 mm7.773 mm8.019 mm7.703 mm7.64 mm
M8x0,35fine thread4H0.35 mm7.773 mm8 mm7.684 mm7.621 mm
M8x0,35fine thread6G0.35 mm7.773 mm8.019 mm7.74 mm7.64 mm
M8x0,35fine thread6H0.35 mm7.773 mm8 mm7.721 mm7.621 mm
M8x0,5fine thread4g0,50 mm7.675 mm7.98 mm7.913 mm7.367 mm7.295 mm
M8x0,5fine thread4h0,50 mm7.675 mm8 mm7.933 mm7.387 mm7.315 mm
M8x0,5fine thread6g0,50 mm7.675 mm7.98 mm7.874 mm7.367 mm7.263 mm
M8x0,5fine thread6h0,50 mm7.675 mm8 mm7.894 mm7.387 mm7.283 mm
M8x0,5fine thread6e0,50 mm7.675 mm7.95 mm7.844 mm7.337 mm7.233 mm
M8x0,5fine thread4G0,50 mm7.675 mm8.02 mm7.569 mm7.479 mm
M8x0,5fine thread4H0,50 mm7.675 mm8 mm7.549 mm7.459 mm
M8x0,5fine thread6G0,50 mm7.675 mm8.02 mm7.619 mm7.479 mm
M8x0,5fine thread6H0,50 mm7.675 mm8 mm7.599 mm7.459 mm
M8x0,75fine thread4g0,75 mm7.513 mm7.978 mm7.888 mm7.058 mm6.966 mm
M8x0,75fine thread4h0,75 mm7.513 mm8 mm7.91 mm7.08 mm6.988 mm
M8x0,75fine thread6g0,75 mm7.513 mm7.978 mm7.838 mm7.058 mm6.929 mm
M8x0,75fine thread6h0,75 mm7.513 mm8 mm7.86 mm7.08 mm6.951 mm
M8x0,75fine thread6e0,75 mm7.513 mm7.944 mm7.804 mm7.024 mm6.895 mm
M8x0,75fine thread4G0,75 mm7.513 mm8.022 mm7.328 mm7.21 mm
M8x0,75fine thread4H0,75 mm7.513 mm8 mm7.306 mm7.188 mm
M8x0,75fine thread6G0,75 mm7.513 mm8.022 mm7.4 mm7.21 mm
M8x0,75fine thread6H0,75 mm7.513 mm8 mm7.378 mm7.188 mm
M8x1fine thread4g1,00 mm7.35 mm7.974 mm7.862 mm6.747 mm6.637 mm
M8x1fine thread4h1,00 mm7.35 mm8 mm7.888 mm6.773 mm6.663 mm
M8x1fine thread6g1,00 mm7.35 mm7.974 mm7.794 mm6.747 mm6.596 mm
M8x1fine thread6h1,00 mm7.35 mm8 mm7.82 mm6.773 mm6.622 mm
M8x1fine thread6e1,00 mm7.35 mm7.94 mm7.76 mm6.713 mm6.562 mm
M8x1fine thread4G1,00 mm7.35 mm8.026 mm7.093 mm6.943 mm
M8x1fine thread4H1,00 mm7.35 mm8 mm7.067 mm6.917 mm
M8x1fine thread6G1,00 mm7.35 mm8.026 mm7.179 mm6.943 mm
M8x1fine thread6H1,00 mm7.35 mm8 mm7.153 mm6.917 mm
M8coarse thread4g1.25 mm7.188 mm7.972 mm7.84 mm6.438 mm6.315 mm
M8coarse thread4h1.25 mm7.188 mm8 mm7.868 mm6.466 mm6.343 mm
M8coarse thread6g1.25 mm7.188 mm7.972 mm7.76 mm6.438 mm6.272 mm
M8coarse thread6h1.25 mm7.188 mm8 mm7.788 mm6.466 mm6.3 mm
M8coarse thread6e1.25 mm7.188 mm7.937 mm7.725 mm6.403 mm6.237 mm
M8coarse thread4G1.25 mm7.188 mm8.028 mm6.845 mm6.675 mm
M8coarse thread4H1.25 mm7.188 mm8 mm6.817 mm6.647 mm
M8coarse thread6G1.25 mm7.188 mm8.028 mm6.94 mm6.675 mm
M8coarse thread6H1.25 mm7.188 mm8 mm6.912 mm6.647 mm
M9x0,35fine thread4g0.35 mm8.773 mm8.981 mm8.928 mm8.552 mm8.493 mm
M9x0,35fine thread4h0.35 mm8.773 mm9 mm8.947 mm8.571 mm8.512 mm
M9x0,35fine thread6g0.35 mm8.773 mm8.981 mm8.896 mm8.552 mm8.467 mm
M9x0,35fine thread6h0.35 mm8.773 mm9 mm8.915 mm8.571 mm8.486 mm
M9x0,35fine thread6e0.35 mm8.773 mm8.954 mm8.869 mm8.525 mm8.44 mm
M9x0,35fine thread4G0.35 mm8.773 mm9.019 mm8.703 mm8.64 mm
M9x0,35fine thread4H0.35 mm8.773 mm9 mm8.684 mm8.621 mm
M9x0,35fine thread6G0.35 mm8.773 mm9.019 mm8.74 mm8.64 mm
M9x0,35fine thread6H0.35 mm8.773 mm9 mm8.721 mm8.621 mm
M9x0,5fine thread4g0.5 mm8.675 mm8.98 mm8.913 mm8.367 mm8.295 mm
M9x0,5fine thread4h0.5 mm8.675 mm9 mm8.933 mm8.387 mm8.315 mm
M9x0,5fine thread6g0.5 mm8.675 mm8.98 mm8.874 mm8.367 mm8.263 mm
M9x0,5fine thread6h0.5 mm8.675 mm9 mm8.894 mm8.387 mm8.283 mm
M9x0,5fine thread6e0.5 mm8.675 mm8.95 mm8.844 mm8.337 mm8.233 mm
M9x0,5fine thread4G0.5 mm8.675 mm9.02 mm8.569 mm8.479 mm
M9x0,5fine thread4H0.5 mm8.675 mm9 mm8.549 mm8.459 mm
M9x0,5fine thread6G0.5 mm8.675 mm9.02 mm8.619 mm8.479 mm
M9x0,5fine thread6H0.5 mm8.675 mm9 mm8.599 mm8.459 mm
M9x0,75fine thread4g0,75 mm8.513 mm8.978 mm8.888 mm8.058 mm7.966 mm
M9x0,75fine thread4h0,75 mm8.513 mm9 mm8.91 mm8.08 mm7.988 mm
M9x0,75fine thread6g0,75 mm8.513 mm8.978 mm8.838 mm8.058 mm7.929 mm
M9x0,75fine thread6h0,75 mm8.513 mm9 mm8.86 mm8.08 mm7.951 mm
M9x0,75fine thread6e0,75 mm8.513 mm8.944 mm8.804 mm8.024 mm7.895 mm
M9x0,75fine thread4G0,75 mm8.513 mm9.022 mm8.328 mm8.21 mm
M9x0,75fine thread4H0,75 mm8.513 mm9 mm8.306 mm8.188 mm
M9x0,75fine thread6G0,75 mm8.513 mm9.022 mm8.4 mm8.21 mm
M9x0,75fine thread6H0,75 mm8.513 mm9 mm8.378 mm8.188 mm
M9x1fine thread4g1,00 mm8.35 mm8.974 mm8.862 mm7.747 mm7.637 mm
M9x1fine thread4h1,00 mm8.35 mm9 mm8.888 mm7.773 mm7.663 mm
M9x1fine thread6g1,00 mm8.35 mm8.974 mm8.794 mm7.747 mm7.596 mm
M9x1fine thread6h1,00 mm8.35 mm9 mm8.82 mm7.773 mm7.622 mm
M9x1fine thread6e1,00 mm8.35 mm8.94 mm8.76 mm7.713 mm7.562 mm
M9x1fine thread4G1,00 mm8.35 mm9.026 mm8.093 mm7.943 mm
M9x1fine thread4H1,00 mm8.35 mm9 mm8.067 mm7.917 mm
M9x1fine thread6G1,00 mm8.35 mm9.026 mm8.179 mm7.943 mm
M9x1fine thread6H1,00 mm8.35 mm9 mm8.153 mm7.917 mm
M9coarse thread4g1.25 mm8.188 mm8.972 mm8.84 mm7.438 mm7.315 mm
M9coarse thread4h1.25 mm8.188 mm9 mm8.868 mm7.466 mm7.343 mm
M9coarse thread6g1.25 mm8.188 mm8.972 mm8.76 mm7.438 mm7.272 mm
M9coarse thread6h1.25 mm8.188 mm9 mm8.788 mm7.466 mm7.3 mm
M9coarse thread6e1.25 mm8.188 mm8.937 mm8.725 mm7.403 mm7.237 mm
M9coarse thread4G1.25 mm8.188 mm9.028 mm7.845 mm7.675 mm
M9coarse thread4H1.25 mm8.188 mm9 mm7.817 mm7.647 mm
M9coarse thread6G1.25 mm8.188 mm9.028 mm7.94 mm7.675 mm
M9coarse thread6H1.25 mm8.188 mm9 mm7.912 mm7.647 mm
M10x0,35fine thread4g0.35 mm9.773 mm9.981 mm9.928 mm9.552 mm9.493 mm
M10x0,35fine thread4h0.35 mm9.773 mm10 mm9.947 mm9.571 mm9.512 mm
M10x0,35fine thread6g0.35 mm9.773 mm9.981 mm9.896 mm9.552 mm9.467 mm
M10x0,35fine thread6h0.35 mm9.773 mm10 mm9.915 mm9.571 mm9.486 mm
M10x0,35fine thread6e0.35 mm9.773 mm9.954 mm9.869 mm9.525 mm9.44 mm
M10x0,35fine thread4G0.35 mm9.773 mm10.019 mm9.703 mm9.64 mm
M10x0,35fine thread4H0.35 mm9.773 mm10 mm9.684 mm9.621 mm
M10x0,35fine thread6G0.35 mm9.773 mm10.019 mm9.74 mm9.64 mm
M10x0,35fine thread6H0.35 mm9.773 mm10 mm9.721 mm9.621 mm
M10x0,5fine thread4g0,50 mm9.675 mm9.98 mm9.913 mm9.367 mm9.295 mm
M10x0,5fine thread4h0,50 mm9.675 mm10 mm9.933 mm9.387 mm9.315 mm
M10x0,5fine thread6g0,50 mm9.675 mm9.98 mm9.874 mm9.367 mm9.263 mm
M10x0,5fine thread6h0,50 mm9.675 mm10 mm9.894 mm9.387 mm9.283 mm
M10x0,5fine thread6e0,50 mm9.675 mm9.95 mm9.844 mm9.337 mm9.233 mm
M10x0,5fine thread4G0,50 mm9.675 mm10.02 mm9.569 mm9.479 mm
M10x0,5fine thread4H0,50 mm9.675 mm10 mm9.549 mm9.459 mm
M10x0,5fine thread6G0,50 mm9.675 mm10.02 mm9.619 mm9.479 mm
M10x0,5fine thread6H0,50 mm9.675 mm10 mm9.599 mm9.459 mm
M10x0,75fine thread4g0,75 mm9.513 mm9.978 mm9.888 mm9.058 mm8.966 mm
M10x0,75fine thread4h0,75 mm9.513 mm10 mm9.91 mm9.08 mm8.988 mm
M10x0,75fine thread6g0,75 mm9.513 mm9.978 mm9.838 mm9.058 mm8.929 mm
M10x0,75fine thread6h0,75 mm9.513 mm10 mm9.86 mm9.08 mm8.951 mm
M10x0,75fine thread6e0,75 mm9.513 mm9.944 mm9.804 mm9.024 mm8.895 mm
M10x0,75fine thread4G0,75 mm9.513 mm10.022 mm9.328 mm9.21 mm
M10x0,75fine thread4H0,75 mm9.513 mm10 mm9.306 mm9.188 mm
M10x0,75fine thread6G0,75 mm9.513 mm10.022 mm9.4 mm9.21 mm
M10x0,75fine thread6H0,75 mm9.513 mm10 mm9.378 mm9.188 mm
M10x1fine thread4g1,00 mm9.35 mm9.974 mm9.862 mm8.747 mm8.637 mm
M10x1fine thread4h1,00 mm9.35 mm10 mm9.888 mm8.773 mm8.663 mm
M10x1fine thread6g1,00 mm9.35 mm9.974 mm9.794 mm8.747 mm8.596 mm
M10x1fine thread6h1,00 mm9.35 mm10 mm9.82 mm8.773 mm8.622 mm
M10x1fine thread6e1,00 mm9.35 mm9.94 mm9.76 mm8.713 mm8.562 mm
M10x1fine thread4G1,00 mm9.35 mm10.026 mm9.093 mm8.943 mm
M10x1fine thread4H1,00 mm9.35 mm10 mm9.067 mm8.917 mm
M10x1fine thread6G1,00 mm9.35 mm10.026 mm9.179 mm8.943 mm
M10x1fine thread6H1,00 mm9.35 mm10 mm9.153 mm8.917 mm
M 10x1,25fine thread4g1.25 mm9.188 mm9.972 mm9.84 mm8.438 mm8.315 mm
M 10x1,25fine thread4h1.25 mm9.188 mm10 mm9.868 mm8.466 mm8.343 mm
M 10x1,25fine thread6g1.25 mm9.188 mm9.972 mm9.76 mm8.438 mm8.272 mm
M 10x1,25fine thread6h1.25 mm9.188 mm10 mm9.788 mm8.466 mm8.3 mm
M 10x1,25fine thread6e1.25 mm9.188 mm9.937 mm9.725 mm8.403 mm8.237 mm
M 10x1,25fine thread4G1.25 mm9.188 mm10.028 mm8.845 mm8.675 mm
M 10x1,25fine thread4H1.25 mm9.188 mm10 mm8.817 mm8.647 mm
M 10x1,25fine thread6G1.25 mm9.188 mm10.028 mm8.94 mm8.675 mm
M 10x1,25fine thread6H1.25 mm9.188 mm10 mm8.912 mm8.647 mm
M10coarse thread4g1.5 mm9.026 mm9.968 mm9.818 mm8.128 mm7.985 mm
M10coarse thread4h1.5 mm9.026 mm10 mm9.85 mm8.16 mm8.017 mm
M10coarse thread6g1.5 mm9.026 mm9.968 mm9.732 mm8.128 mm7.938 mm
M10coarse thread6h1.5 mm9.026 mm10 mm9.764 mm8.16 mm7.97 mm
M10coarse thread6e1.5 mm9.026 mm9.933 mm9.697 mm8.093 mm7.903 mm
M10coarse thread4G1.5 mm9.026 mm10.032 mm8.598 mm8.408 mm
M10coarse thread4H1.5 mm9.026 mm10 mm8.566 mm8.376 mm
M10coarse thread6G1.5 mm9.026 mm10.032 mm8.708 mm8.408 mm
M10coarse thread6H1.5 mm9.026 mm10 mm8.676 mm8.376 mm
M11x0,5fine thread4g0,50 mm10.675 mm10.98 mm10.913 mm10.367 mm10.295 mm
M11x0,5fine thread4h0,50 mm10.675 mm11 mm10.933 mm10.387 mm10.315 mm
M11x0,5fine thread6g0,50 mm10.675 mm10.98 mm10.874 mm10.367 mm10.263 mm
M11x0,5fine thread6h0,50 mm10.675 mm11 mm10.894 mm10.387 mm10.283 mm
M11x0,5fine thread6e0,50 mm10.675 mm10.95 mm10.844 mm10.337 mm10.233 mm
M11x0,5fine thread4G0,50 mm10.675 mm11.02 mm10.569 mm10.479 mm
M11x0,5fine thread4H0,50 mm10.675 mm11 mm10.549 mm10.459 mm
M11x0,5fine thread6G0,50 mm10.675 mm11.02 mm10.619 mm10.479 mm
M11x0,5fine thread6H0,50 mm10.675 mm11 mm10.599 mm10.459 mm
M11x0,75fine thread4g0,75 mm10.513 mm10.978 mm10.888 mm10.058 mm9.966 mm
M11x0,75fine thread4h0,75 mm10.513 mm11 mm10.91 mm10.08 mm9.988 mm
M11x0,75fine thread6g0,75 mm10.513 mm10.978 mm10.838 mm10.058 mm9.929 mm
M11x0,75fine thread6h0,75 mm10.513 mm11 mm10.86 mm10.08 mm9.951 mm
M11x0,75fine thread6e0,75 mm10.513 mm10.944 mm10.804 mm10.024 mm9.895 mm
M11x0,75fine thread4G0,75 mm10.513 mm11.022 mm10.328 mm10.21 mm
M11x0,75fine thread4H0,75 mm10.513 mm11 mm10.306 mm10.188 mm
M11x0,75fine thread6G0,75 mm10.513 mm11.022 mm10.4 mm10.21 mm
M11x0,75fine thread6H0,75 mm10.513 mm11 mm10.378 mm10.188 mm
M11x1fine thread4g1,00 mm10.35 mm10.974 mm10.862 mm9.747 mm9.637 mm
M11x1fine thread4h1,00 mm10.35 mm11 mm10.888 mm9.773 mm9.663 mm
M11x1fine thread6g1,00 mm10.35 mm10.974 mm10.794 mm9.747 mm9.596 mm
M11x1fine thread6h1,00 mm10.35 mm11 mm10.82 mm9.773 mm9.622 mm
M11x1fine thread6e1,00 mm10.35 mm10.94 mm10.76 mm9.713 mm9.562 mm
M11x1fine thread4G1,00 mm10.35 mm11.026 mm10.093 mm9.943 mm
M11x1fine thread4H1,00 mm10.35 mm11 mm10.067 mm9.917 mm
M11x1fine thread6G1,00 mm10.35 mm11.026 mm10.179 mm9.943 mm
M11x1fine thread6H1,00 mm10.35 mm11 mm10.153 mm9.917 mm
M11coarse thread4g1.5 mm10.026 mm10.968 mm10.818 mm9.128 mm8.985 mm
M11coarse thread4h1.5 mm10.026 mm11 mm10.85 mm9.16 mm9.017 mm
M11coarse thread6g1.5 mm10.026 mm10.968 mm10.732 mm9.128 mm8.938 mm
M11coarse thread6h1.5 mm10.026 mm11 mm10.764 mm9.16 mm8.97 mm
M11coarse thread6e1.5 mm10.026 mm10.933 mm10.697 mm9.093 mm8.903 mm
M11coarse thread4G1.5 mm10.026 mm11.032 mm9.598 mm9.408 mm
M11coarse thread4H1.5 mm10.026 mm11 mm9.566 mm9.376 mm
M11coarse thread6G1.5 mm10.026 mm11.032 mm9.708 mm9.408 mm
M11coarse thread6H1.5 mm10.026 mm11 mm9.676 mm9.376 mm
M12x0,5fine thread4g0,50 mm11.675 mm11.98 mm11.913 mm11.367 mm11.292 mm
M12x0,5fine thread4h0,50 mm11.675 mm12 mm11.933 mm11.387 mm11.312 mm
M12x0,5fine thread6g0,50 mm11.675 mm11.98 mm11.874 mm11.367 mm11.258 mm
M12x0,5fine thread6h0,50 mm11.675 mm12 mm11.894 mm11.387 mm11.278 mm
M12x0,5fine thread6e0,50 mm11.675 mm11.95 mm11.844 mm11.337 mm11.228 mm
M12x0,5fine thread4G0,50 mm11.675 mm12.02 mm11.569 mm11.479 mm
M12x0,5fine thread4H0,50 mm11.675 mm12 mm11.549 mm11.459 mm
M12x0,5fine thread6G0,50 mm11.675 mm12.02 mm11.619 mm11.479 mm
M12x0,5fine thread6H0,50 mm11.675 mm12 mm11.599 mm11.459 mm
M12x0,75fine thread4g0,75 mm11.513 mm11.978 mm11.888 mm11.058 mm10.962 mm
M12x0,75fine thread4h0,75 mm11.513 mm12 mm11.91 mm11.08 mm10.984 mm
M12x0,75fine thread6g0,75 mm11.513 mm11.978 mm11.838 mm11.058 mm10.923 mm
M12x0,75fine thread6h0,75 mm11.513 mm12 mm11.86 mm11.08 mm10.945 mm
M12x0,75fine thread6e0,75 mm11.513 mm11.944 mm11.804 mm11.024 mm10.889 mm
M12x0,75fine thread4G0,75 mm11.513 mm12.022 mm11.328 mm11.21 mm
M12x0,75fine thread4H0,75 mm11.513 mm12 mm11.306 mm11.188 mm
M12x0,75fine thread6G0,75 mm11.513 mm12.022 mm11.4 mm11.21 mm
M12x0,75fine thread6H0,75 mm11.513 mm12 mm11.378 mm11.188 mm
M12x1fine thread4g1,00 mm11.35 mm11.974 mm11.862 mm10.747 mm10.633 mm
M12x1fine thread4h1,00 mm11.35 mm12 mm11.888 mm10.773 mm10.659 mm
M12x1fine thread6g1,00 mm11.35 mm11.974 mm11.794 mm10.747 mm10.59 mm
M12x1fine thread6h1,00 mm11.35 mm12 mm11.82 mm10.773 mm10.616 mm
M12x1fine thread6e1,00 mm11.35 mm11.94 mm11.76 mm10.713 mm10.556 mm
M12x1fine thread4G1,00 mm11.35 mm12.026 mm11.093 mm10.943 mm
M12x1fine thread4H1,00 mm11.35 mm12 mm11.067 mm10.917 mm
M12x1fine thread6G1,00 mm11.35 mm12.026 mm11.179 mm10.943 mm
M12x1fine thread6H1,00 mm11.35 mm12 mm11.153 mm10.917 mm
M12x1,25fine thread4g1,25 mm11.188 mm11.972 mm11.84 mm10.438 mm10.305 mm
M12x1,25fine thread4h1,25 mm11.188 mm12 mm11.868 mm10.466 mm10.333 mm
M12x1,25fine thread6g1,25 mm11.188 mm11.972 mm11.76 mm10.438 mm10.258 mm
M12x1,25fine thread6h1,25 mm11.188 mm12 mm11.788 mm10.466 mm10.286 mm
M12x1,25fine thread6e1,25 mm11.188 mm11.937 mm11.725 mm10.403 mm10.223 mm
M12x1,25fine thread4G1,25 mm11.188 mm12.028 mm10.845 mm10.675 mm
M12x1,25fine thread4H1,25 mm11.188 mm12 mm10.817 mm10.647 mm
M12x1,25fine thread6G1,25 mm11.188 mm12.028 mm10.94 mm10.675 mm
M12x1,25fine thread6H1,25 mm11.188 mm12 mm10.912 mm10.647 mm
M12x1,5fine thread4g1,5 mm11.026 mm11.968 mm11.818 mm10.128 mm9.98 mm
M12x1,5fine thread4h1,5 mm11.026 mm12 mm11.85 mm10.16 mm10.012 mm
M12x1,5fine thread6g1,5 mm11.026 mm11.968 mm11.732 mm10.128 mm9.93 mm
M12x1,5fine thread6h1,5 mm11.026 mm12 mm11.764 mm10.16 mm9.962 mm
M12x1,5fine thread6e1,5 mm11.026 mm11.933 mm11.697 mm10.093 mm9.895 mm
M12x1,5fine thread4G1,5 mm11.026 mm12.032 mm10.598 mm10.408 mm
M12x1,5fine thread4H1,5 mm11.026 mm12 mm10.566 mm10.376 mm
M12x1,5fine thread6G1,5 mm11.026 mm12.032 mm10.708 mm10.408 mm
M12x1,5fine thread6H1,5 mm11.026 mm12 mm10.676 mm10.376 mm
M12coarse thread4g1.75 mm10.863 mm11.966 mm11.796 mm9.819 mm9.657 mm
M12coarse thread4h1.75 mm10.863 mm12 mm11.83 mm9.853 mm9.691 mm
M12coarse thread6g1.75 mm10.863 mm11.966 mm11.701 mm9.819 mm9.602 mm
M12coarse thread6h1.75 mm10.863 mm12 mm11.735 mm9.853 mm9.636 mm
M12coarse thread6e1.75 mm10.863 mm11.929 mm11.664 mm9.782 mm9.565 mm
M12coarse thread4G1.75 mm10.863 mm12.034 mm10.352 mm10.14 mm
M12coarse thread4H1.75 mm10.863 mm12 mm10.318 mm10.106 mm
M12coarse thread6G1.75 mm10.863 mm12.034 mm10.475 mm10.14 mm
M12coarse thread6H1.75 mm10.863 mm12 mm10.441 mm10.106 mm
M13x0,5fine thread4g0,50 mm12.675 mm12.98 mm12.913 mm12.367 mm12.292 mm
M13x0,5fine thread4h0,50 mm12.675 mm13 mm12.933 mm12.387 mm12.312 mm
M13x0,5fine thread6g0,50 mm12.675 mm12.98 mm12.874 mm12.367 mm12.258 mm
M13x0,5fine thread6h0,50 mm12.675 mm13 mm12.894 mm12.387 mm12.278 mm
M13x0,5fine thread6e0,50 mm12.675 mm12.95 mm12.844 mm12.337 mm12.228 mm
M13x0,5fine thread4G0,50 mm12.675 mm13.02 mm12.569 mm12.479 mm
M13x0,5fine thread4H0,50 mm12.675 mm13 mm12.549 mm12.459 mm
M13x0,5fine thread6G0,50 mm12.675 mm13.02 mm12.619 mm12.479 mm
M13x0,5fine thread6H0,50 mm12.675 mm13 mm12.599 mm12.459 mm
M13x0,75fine thread4g0,75 mm12.513 mm12.978 mm12.888 mm12.058 mm11.962 mm
M13x0,75fine thread4h0,75 mm12.513 mm13 mm12.91 mm12.08 mm11.984 mm
M13x0,75fine thread6g0,75 mm12.513 mm12.978 mm12.838 mm12.058 mm11.923 mm
M13x0,75fine thread6h0,75 mm12.513 mm13 mm12.86 mm12.08 mm11.945 mm
M13x0,75fine thread6e0,75 mm12.513 mm12.944 mm12.804 mm12.024 mm11.889 mm
M13x0,75fine thread4G0,75 mm12.513 mm13.022 mm12.328 mm12.21 mm
M13x0,75fine thread4H0,75 mm12.513 mm13 mm12.306 mm12.188 mm
M13x0,75fine thread6G0,75 mm12.513 mm13.022 mm12.4 mm12.21 mm
M13x0,75fine thread6H0,75 mm12.513 mm13 mm12.378 mm12.188 mm
M13x1fine thread4g1,00 mm12.35 mm12.974 mm12.862 mm11.747 mm11.633 mm
M13x1fine thread4h1,00 mm12.35 mm13 mm12.888 mm11.773 mm11.659 mm
M13x1fine thread6g1,00 mm12.35 mm12.974 mm12.794 mm11.747 mm11.59 mm
M13x1fine thread6h1,00 mm12.35 mm13 mm12.82 mm11.773 mm11.616 mm
M13x1fine thread6e1,00 mm12.35 mm12.94 mm12.76 mm11.713 mm11.556 mm
M13x1fine thread4G1,00 mm12.35 mm13.026 mm12.093 mm11.943 mm
M13x1fine thread4H1,00 mm12.35 mm13 mm12.067 mm11.917 mm
M13x1fine thread6G1,00 mm12.35 mm13.026 mm12.179 mm11.943 mm
M13x1fine thread6H1,00 mm12.35 mm13 mm12.153 mm11.917 mm
M13x1,5fine thread4g1,5 mm12.026 mm12.968 mm12.818 mm11.128 mm10.98 mm
M13x1,5fine thread4h1,5 mm12.026 mm13 mm12.85 mm11.16 mm11.012 mm
M13x1,5fine thread6g1,5 mm12.026 mm12.968 mm12.732 mm11.128 mm10.93 mm
M13x1,5fine thread6h1,5 mm12.026 mm13 mm12.764 mm11.16 mm10.962 mm
M13x1,5fine thread6e1,5 mm12.026 mm12.933 mm12.697 mm11.093 mm10.895 mm
M13x1,5fine thread4G1,5 mm12.026 mm13.032 mm11.598 mm11.408 mm
M13x1,5fine thread4H1,5 mm12.026 mm13 mm11.566 mm11.376 mm
M13x1,5fine thread6G1,5 mm12.026 mm13.032 mm11.708 mm11.408 mm
M13x1,5fine thread6H1,5 mm12.026 mm13 mm11.676 mm11.376 mm
M14x0,5fine thread4g0,50 mm13.675 mm13.98 mm13.913 mm13.367 mm13.292 mm
M14x0,5fine thread4h0,50 mm13.675 mm14 mm13.933 mm13.387 mm13.312 mm
M14x0,5fine thread6g0,50 mm13.675 mm13.98 mm13.874 mm13.367 mm13.258 mm
M14x0,5fine thread6h0,50 mm13.675 mm14 mm13.894 mm13.387 mm13.278 mm
M14x0,5fine thread6e0,50 mm13.675 mm13.95 mm13.844 mm13.337 mm13.228 mm
M14x0,5fine thread4G0,50 mm13.675 mm14.02 mm13.569 mm13.479 mm
M14x0,5fine thread4H0,50 mm13.675 mm14 mm13.549 mm13.459 mm
M14x0,5fine thread6G0,50 mm13.675 mm14.02 mm13.619 mm13.479 mm
M14x0,5fine thread6H0,50 mm13.675 mm14.02 mm13.599 mm13.459 mm
M14x0,75fine thread4g0,75 mm13.513 mm13.978 mm13.888 mm13.058 mm12.962 mm
M14x0,75fine thread4h0,75 mm13.513 mm14 mm13.91 mm13.08 mm12.984 mm
M14x0,75fine thread6g0,75 mm13.513 mm13.978 mm13.838 mm13.058 mm12.923 mm
M14x0,75fine thread6h0,75 mm13.513 mm14 mm13.86 mm13.08 mm12.945 mm
M14x0,75fine thread6e0,75 mm13.513 mm13.944 mm13.804 mm13.024 mm12.889 mm
M14x0,75fine thread4G0,75 mm13.513 mm14.022 mm13.328 mm13.21 mm
M14x0,75fine thread4H0,75 mm13.513 mm14 mm13.306 mm13.188 mm
M14x0,75fine thread6G0,75 mm13.513 mm14.022 mm13.4 mm13.21 mm
M14x0,75fine thread6H0,75 mm13.513 mm14 mm13.378 mm13.188 mm
M14x1fine thread4g1,00 mm13.35 mm13.974 mm13.862 mm12.747 mm12.633 mm
M14x1fine thread4h1,00 mm13.35 mm14 mm13.888 mm12.773 mm12.659 mm
M14x1fine thread6g1,00 mm13.35 mm13.974 mm13.794 mm12.747 mm12.59 mm
M14x1fine thread6h1,00 mm13.35 mm14 mm13.82 mm12.773 mm12.616 mm
M14x1fine thread6e1,00 mm13.35 mm13.94 mm13.76 mm12.713 mm12.556 mm
M14x1fine thread4G1,00 mm13.35 mm14.026 mm13.093 mm12.943 mm
M14x1fine thread4H1,00 mm13.35 mm14 mm13.067 mm12.917 mm
M14x1fine thread6G1,00 mm13.35 mm14.026 mm13.179 mm12.943 mm
M14x1fine thread6H1,00 mm13.35 mm14 mm13.153 mm12.917 mm
M14x1,25fine thread4g1,25 mm13.188 mm13.972 mm13.84 mm12.438 mm12.305 mm
M14x1,25fine thread4h1,25 mm13.188 mm14 mm13.868 mm12.466 mm12.333 mm
M14x1,25fine thread6g1,25 mm13.188 mm13.972 mm13.76 mm12.438 mm12.258 mm
M14x1,25fine thread6h1,25 mm13.188 mm14 mm13.788 mm12.466 mm12.286 mm
M14x1,25fine thread6e1,25 mm13.188 mm13.937 mm13.725 mm12.403 mm12.223 mm
M14x1,25fine thread4G1,25 mm13.188 mm14.028 mm12.845 mm12.675 mm
M14x1,25fine thread4H1,25 mm13.188 mm14 mm12.817 mm12.647 mm
M14x1,25fine thread6G1,25 mm13.188 mm14.028 mm12.94 mm12.675 mm
M14x1,25fine thread6H1,25 mm13.188 mm14 mm12.912 mm12.647 mm
M14x1,5fine thread4g1,5 mm13.026 mm13.968 mm13.818 mm12.128 mm11.98 mm
M14x1,5fine thread4h1,5 mm13.026 mm14 mm13.85 mm12.16 mm12.012 mm
M14x1,5fine thread6g1,5 mm13.026 mm13.968 mm13.732 mm12.128 mm11.93 mm
M14x1,5fine thread6h1,5 mm13.026 mm14 mm13.764 mm12.16 mm11.962 mm
M14x1,5fine thread6e1,5 mm13.026 mm13.933 mm13.697 mm12.093 mm11.895 mm
M14x1,5fine thread4G1,5 mm13.026 mm14.032 mm12.598 mm12.408 mm
M14x1,5fine thread4H1,5 mm13.026 mm14 mm12.566 mm12.376 mm
M14x1,5fine thread6G1,5 mm13.026 mm14.032 mm12.708 mm12.408 mm
M14x1,5fine thread6H1,5 mm13.026 mm14 mm12.676 mm12.376 mm
M14coarse thread4g2 mm12.701 mm13.962 mm13.782 mm11.508 mm11.331 mm
M14coarse thread4h2 mm12.701 mm14 mm13.82 mm11.546 mm11.369 mm
M14coarse thread6g2 mm12.701 mm13.962 mm13.682 mm11.508 mm11.271 mm
M14coarse thread6h2 mm12.701 mm14 mm13.72 mm11.546 mm11.309 mm
M14coarse thread6e2 mm12.701 mm13.929 mm13.649 mm11.475 mm11.238 mm
M14coarse thread4G2 mm12.701 mm14.038 mm12.109 mm11.873 mm
M14coarse thread4H2 mm12.701 mm14 mm12.071 mm11.835 mm
M14coarse thread6G2 mm12.701 mm14.038 mm12.248 mm11.873 mm
M14coarse thread6H2 mm12.701 mm14 mm12.21 mm11.835 mm
M15x0,5fine thread4g0,50 mm14.675 mm14.98 mm14.913 mm14.367 mm14.292 mm
M15x0,5fine thread4h0,50 mm14.675 mm15 mm14.933 mm14.387 mm14.312 mm
M15x0,5fine thread6g0,50 mm14.675 mm14.98 mm14.874 mm14.367 mm14.258 mm
M15x0,5fine thread6h0,50 mm14.675 mm15 mm14.894 mm14.387 mm14.278 mm
M15x0,5fine thread6e0,50 mm14.675 mm14.95 mm14.844 mm14.337 mm14.228 mm
M15x0,5fine thread4G0,50 mm14.675 mm15.02 mm14.569 mm14.479 mm
M15x0,5fine thread4H0,50 mm14.675 mm15 mm14.549 mm14.459 mm
M15x0,5fine thread6G0,50 mm14.675 mm15.02 mm14.619 mm14.479 mm
M15x0,5fine thread6H0,50 mm14.675 mm15 mm14.599 mm14.459 mm
M15x1fine thread4g1,00 mm14.35 mm14.974 mm14.862 mm13.747 mm13.633 mm
M15x1fine thread4h1,00 mm14.35 mm15 mm14.888 mm13.773 mm13.659 mm
M15x1fine thread6g1,00 mm14.35 mm14.974 mm14.794 mm13.747 mm13.59 mm
M15x1fine thread6h1,00 mm14.35 mm15 mm14.82 mm13.773 mm13.616 mm
M15x1fine thread6e1,00 mm14.35 mm14.94 mm14.76 mm13.713 mm13.556 mm
M15x1fine thread4G1,00 mm14.35 mm15.026 mm14.093 mm13.943 mm
M15x1fine thread4H1,00 mm14.35 mm15 mm14.067 mm13.917 mm
M15x1fine thread6G1,00 mm14.35 mm15.026 mm14.179 mm13.943 mm
M15x1fine thread6H1,00 mm14.35 mm15 mm14.153 mm13.917 mm
M15x1,5fine thread4g1,5 mm14.026 mm14.968 mm14.818 mm13.128 mm12.98 mm
M15x1,5fine thread4h1,5 mm14.026 mm15 mm14.85 mm13.16 mm13.012 mm
M15x1,5fine thread6g1,5 mm14.026 mm14.968 mm14.732 mm13.128 mm12.93 mm
M15x1,5fine thread6h1,5 mm14.026 mm15 mm14.764 mm13.16 mm12.962 mm
M15x1,5fine thread6e1,5 mm14.026 mm14.933 mm14.697 mm13.093 mm12.895 mm
M15x1,5fine thread4G1,5 mm14.026 mm15.032 mm13.598 mm13.408 mm
M15x1,5fine thread4H1,5 mm14.026 mm15 mm13.566 mm13.376 mm
M15x1,5fine thread6G1,5 mm14.026 mm15.032 mm13.708 mm13.408 mm
M15x1,5fine thread6H1,5 mm14.026 mm15 mm13.676 mm13.376 mm
M16x0,5fine thread4g0,50 mm15.675 mm15.98 mm15.913 mm15.367 mm15.292 mm
M16x0,5fine thread4h0,50 mm15.675 mm16 mm15.933 mm15.387 mm15.312 mm
M16x0,5fine thread6g0,50 mm15.675 mm15.98 mm15.874 mm15.367 mm15.258 mm
M16x0,5fine thread6h0,50 mm15.675 mm16 mm15.894 mm15.387 mm15.278 mm
M16x0,5fine thread6e0,50 mm15.675 mm15.95 mm15.844 mm15.337 mm15.228 mm
M16x0,5fine thread4G0,50 mm15.675 mm16.02 mm15.569 mm15.479 mm
M16x0,5fine thread4H0,50 mm15.675 mm16 mm15.549 mm15.459 mm
M16x0,5fine thread6G0,50 mm15.675 mm16.02 mm15.619 mm15.479 mm
M16x0,5fine thread6H0,50 mm15.675 mm16 mm15.599 mm15.459 mm
M16x0,75fine thread4g0,75 mm15.513 mm15.978 mm15.888 mm15.058 mm14.962 mm
M16x0,75fine thread4h0,75 mm15.513 mm16 mm15.91 mm15.08 mm14.984 mm
M16x0,75fine thread6g0,75 mm15.513 mm15.978 mm15.838 mm15.058 mm14.923 mm
M16x0,75fine thread6h0,75 mm15.513 mm16 mm15.86 mm15.08 mm14.945 mm
M16x0,75fine thread6e0,75 mm15.513 mm15.944 mm15.804 mm15.024 mm14.889 mm
M16x0,75fine thread4G0,75 mm15.513 mm16.022 mm15.328 mm15.21 mm
M16x0,75fine thread4H0,75 mm15.513 mm16 mm15.306 mm15.188 mm
M16x0,75fine thread6G0,75 mm15.513 mm16.022 mm15.4 mm15.21 mm
M16x0,75fine thread6H0,75 mm15.513 mm16 mm15.378 mm15.188 mm
M16x1fine thread4g1,00 mm15.974 mm15.974 mm15.862 mm14.747 mm14.633 mm
M16x1fine thread4h1,00 mm15.974 mm16 mm15.888 mm14.773 mm14.659 mm
M16x1fine thread6g1,00 mm15.974 mm15.974 mm15.794 mm14.747 mm14.59 mm
M16x1fine thread6h1,00 mm15.974 mm16 mm15.82 mm14.773 mm14.616 mm
M16x1fine thread6e1,00 mm15.974 mm15.94 mm15.76 mm14.713 mm14.556 mm
M16x1fine thread4G1,00 mm15.974 mm16.026 mm15.093 mm14.943 mm
M16x1fine thread4H1,00 mm15.974 mm16 mm15.067 mm14.917 mm
M16x1fine thread6G1,00 mm15.974 mm16.026 mm15.179 mm14.943 mm
M16x1fine thread6H1,00 mm15.974 mm16 mm15.153 mm14.917 mm
M16x1,5fine thread4g1,5 mm15.026 mm15.968 mm15.818 mm14.128 mm13.98 mm
M16x1,5fine thread4h1,5 mm15.026 mm16 mm15.85 mm14.16 mm14.012 mm
M16x1,5fine thread6g1,5 mm15.026 mm15.968 mm15.732 mm14.128 mm13.93 mm
M16x1,5fine thread6h1,5 mm15.026 mm16 mm15.764 mm14.16 mm13.962 mm
M16x1,5fine thread6e1,5 mm15.026 mm15.933 mm15.697 mm14.093 mm13.895 mm
M16x1,5fine thread4G1,5 mm15.026 mm16.032 mm14.598 mm14.408 mm
M16x1,5fine thread4H1,5 mm15.026 mm16 mm14.566 mm14.376 mm
M16x1,5fine thread6G1,5 mm15.026 mm16.032 mm14.708 mm14.408 mm
M16x1,5fine thread6H1,5 mm15.026 mm16 mm14.676 mm14.376 mm
M16coarse thread4g2 mm14.701 mm15.962 mm15.782 mm13.508 mm13.331 mm
M16coarse thread4h2 mm14.701 mm16 mm15.82 mm13.546 mm13.369 mm
M16coarse thread6g2 mm14.701 mm15.962 mm15.682 mm13.508 mm13.271 mm
M16coarse thread6h2 mm14.701 mm16 mm15.72 mm13.546 mm13.309 mm
M16coarse thread6e2 mm14.701 mm15.929 mm15.649 mm13.475 mm13.238 mm
M16coarse thread4G2 mm14.701 mm16.038 mm14.109 mm13.873 mm
M16coarse thread4H2 mm14.701 mm16 mm14.071 mm13.835 mm
M16coarse thread6G2 mm14.701 mm16.038 mm14.248 mm13.873 mm
M16coarse thread6H2 mm14.701 mm16 mm14.21 mm13.835 mm
M17x0,5fine thread4g0,50 mm16.675 mm16.98 mm16.913 mm16.367 mm16.292 mm
M17x0,5fine thread4h0,50 mm16.675 mm17 mm16.933 mm16.387 mm16.312 mm
M17x0,5fine thread6g0,50 mm16.675 mm16.98 mm16.874 mm16.367 mm16.258 mm
M17x0,5fine thread6h0,50 mm16.675 mm17 mm16.894 mm16.387 mm16.278 mm
M17x0,5fine thread6e0,50 mm16.675 mm16.95 mm16.844 mm16.337 mm16.228 mm
M17x0,5fine thread4G0,50 mm16.675 mm17.02 mm16.569 mm16.479 mm
M17x0,5fine thread4H0,50 mm16.675 mm17 mm16.549 mm16.459 mm
M17x0,5fine thread6G0,50 mm16.675 mm17.02 mm16.619 mm16.479 mm
M17x0,5fine thread6H0,50 mm16.675 mm17 mm16.599 mm16.459 mm
M17x0,75fine thread4g0.75 mm16.513 mm16.978 mm16.888 mm16.058 mm15.962 mm
M17x0,75fine thread4h0.75 mm16.513 mm17 mm16.91 mm16.08 mm15.984 mm
M17x0,75fine thread6g0.75 mm16.513 mm16.978 mm16.838 mm16.058 mm15.923 mm
M17x0,75fine thread6h0.75 mm16.513 mm17 mm16.86 mm16.08 mm15.945 mm
M17x0,75fine thread6e0.75 mm16.513 mm16.944 mm16.804 mm16.024 mm15.889 mm
M17x0,75fine thread4G0.75 mm16.513 mm17.022 mm16.328 mm16.21 mm
M17x0,75fine thread4H0.75 mm16.513 mm17 mm16.306 mm16.188 mm
M17x0,75fine thread6G0.75 mm16.513 mm17.022 mm16.4 mm16.21 mm
M17x0,75fine thread6H0.75 mm16.513 mm17 mm16.378 mm16.188 mm
M17x1fine thread4g1 mm16.35 mm16.974 mm16.862 mm15.747 mm15.633 mm
M17x1fine thread4h1 mm16.35 mm17 mm16.888 mm15.773 mm15.659 mm
M17x1fine thread6g1 mm16.35 mm16.974 mm16.794 mm15.747 mm15.59 mm
M17x1fine thread6h1 mm16.35 mm17 mm16.82 mm15.773 mm15.616 mm
M17x1fine thread6e1 mm16.35 mm16.94 mm16.76 mm15.713 mm15.556 mm
M17x1fine thread4G1 mm16.35 mm17.026 mm16.093 mm15.943 mm
M17x1fine thread4H1 mm16.35 mm17 mm16.067 mm15.917 mm
M17x1fine thread6G1 mm16.35 mm17.026 mm16.179 mm15.943 mm
M17x1fine thread6H1 mm16.35 mm17 mm16.153 mm15.917 mm
M17x1,5fine thread4g1.5 mm16.026 mm16.968 mm16.818 mm15.128 mm14.98 mm
M17x1,5fine thread4h1.5 mm16.026 mm17 mm16.85 mm15.16 mm15.012 mm
M17x1,5fine thread6g1.5 mm16.026 mm16.968 mm16.732 mm15.128 mm14.93 mm
M17x1,5fine thread6h1.5 mm16.026 mm17 mm16.764 mm15.16 mm14.962 mm
M17x1,5fine thread6e1.5 mm16.026 mm16.933 mm16.697 mm15.093 mm14.895 mm
M17x1,5fine thread4G1.5 mm16.026 mm17.032 mm15.598 mm15.408 mm
M17x1,5fine thread4H1.5 mm16.026 mm17 mm15.566 mm15.376 mm
M17x1,5fine thread6G1.5 mm16.026 mm17.032 mm15.708 mm15.408 mm
M17x1,5fine thread6H1.5 mm16.026 mm17 mm15.676 mm15.376 mm
M18x0,5fine thread4g0,50 mm17.675 mm17.98 mm17.913 mm17.367 mm17.292 mm
M18x0,5fine thread4h0,50 mm17.675 mm18 mm17.933 mm17.387 mm17.312 mm
M18x0,5fine thread6g0,50 mm17.675 mm17.98 mm17.874 mm17.367 mm17.258 mm
M18x0,5fine thread6h0,50 mm17.675 mm18 mm17.894 mm17.387 mm17.278 mm
M18x0,5fine thread6e0,50 mm17.675 mm17.95 mm17.844 mm17.337 mm17.228 mm
M18x0,5fine thread4G0,50 mm17.675 mm18.02 mm17.569 mm17.479 mm
M18x0,5fine thread4H0,50 mm17.675 mm18 mm17.549 mm17.459 mm
M18x0,5fine thread6G0,50 mm17.675 mm18.02 mm17.619 mm17.479 mm
M18x0,5fine thread6H0,50 mm17.675 mm18 mm17.599 mm17.459 mm
M18x0,75fine thread4g0,75 mm17.513 mm17.978 mm17.888 mm17.058 mm16.962 mm
M18x0,75fine thread4h0,75 mm17.513 mm18 mm17.91 mm17.08 mm16.984 mm
M18x0,75fine thread6g0,75 mm17.513 mm17.978 mm17.838 mm17.058 mm16.923 mm
M18x0,75fine thread6h0,75 mm17.513 mm18 mm17.86 mm17.08 mm16.945 mm
M18x0,75fine thread6e0,75 mm17.513 mm17.944 mm17.804 mm17.024 mm16.889 mm
M18x0,75fine thread4G0,75 mm17.513 mm18.022 mm17.328 mm17.21 mm
M18x0,75fine thread4H0,75 mm17.513 mm18 mm17.306 mm17.188 mm
M18x0,75fine thread6G0,75 mm17.513 mm18.022 mm17.4 mm17.21 mm
M18x0,75fine thread6H0,75 mm17.513 mm18 mm17.378 mm17.188 mm
M18x1fine thread4g1 mm17.35 mm17.974 mm17.862 mm16.747 mm16.633 mm
M18x1fine thread4h1 mm17.35 mm18 mm17.888 mm16.773 mm16.659 mm
M18x1fine thread6g1 mm17.35 mm17.974 mm17.794 mm16.747 mm16.59 mm
M18x1fine thread6h1 mm17.35 mm18 mm17.82 mm16.773 mm16.616 mm
M18x1fine thread6e1 mm17.35 mm17.94 mm17.76 mm16.713 mm16.556 mm
M18x1fine thread4G1 mm17.35 mm18.026 mm17.093 mm16.943 mm
M18x1fine thread4H1 mm17.35 mm18 mm17.067 mm16.917 mm
M18x1fine thread6G1 mm17.35 mm18.026 mm17.179 mm16.943 mm
M18x1fine thread6H1 mm17.35 mm18 mm17.153 mm16.917 mm
M18x1,5fine thread4g1,5 mm17.026 mm17.968 mm17.818 mm16.128 mm15.98 mm
M18x1,5fine thread4h1,5 mm17.026 mm18 mm17.85 mm16.16 mm16.012 mm
M18x1,5fine thread6g1,5 mm17.026 mm17.968 mm17.732 mm16.128 mm15.93 mm
M18x1,5fine thread6h1,5 mm17.026 mm18 mm17.764 mm16.16 mm15.962 mm
M18x1,5fine thread6e1,5 mm17.026 mm17.933 mm17.697 mm16.093 mm15.895 mm
M18x1,5fine thread4G1,5 mm17.026 mm18.032 mm16.598 mm16.408 mm
M18x1,5fine thread4H1,5 mm17.026 mm18 mm16.566 mm16.376 mm
M18x1,5fine thread6G1,5 mm17.026 mm18.032 mm16.708 mm16.408 mm
M18x1,5fine thread6H1,5 mm17.026 mm18 mm16.676 mm16.376 mm
M18x2fine thread4g2 mm16.701 mm17.962 mm17.782 mm15.508 mm15.331 mm
M18x2fine thread4h2 mm16.701 mm18 mm17.82 mm15.546 mm15.369 mm
M18x2fine thread6g2 mm16.701 mm17.962 mm17.682 mm15.508 mm15.271 mm
M18x2fine thread6h2 mm16.701 mm18 mm17.72 mm15.546 mm15.309 mm
M18x2fine thread6e2 mm16.701 mm17.929 mm17.649 mm15.475 mm15.238 mm
M18x2fine thread4G2 mm16.701 mm18.038 mm16.109 mm15.873 mm
M18x2fine thread4H2 mm16.701 mm18 mm16.071 mm15.835 mm
M18x2fine thread6G2 mm16.701 mm18.038 mm16.248 mm15.873 mm
M18x2fine thread6H2 mm16.701 mm18 mm16.21 mm15.835 mm
M18coarse thread4g2.5 mm16.376 mm17.958 mm17.746 mm14.891 mm14.689 mm
M18coarse thread4h2.5 mm16.376 mm18 mm17.788 mm14.933 mm14.731 mm
M18coarse thread6g2.5 mm16.376 mm17.958 mm17.623 mm14.891 mm14.625 mm
M18coarse thread6h2.5 mm16.376 mm18 mm17.665 mm14.933 mm14.667 mm
M18coarse thread6e2.5 mm16.376 mm17.92 mm17.585 mm14.853 mm14.587 mm
M18coarse thread4G2.5 mm16.376 mm18.042 mm15.616 mm15.336 mm
M18coarse thread4H2.5 mm16.376 mm18 mm15.574 mm15.294 mm
M18coarse thread6G2.5 mm16.376 mm18.042 mm15.786 mm15.336 mm
M18coarse thread6H2.5 mm16.376 mm18 mm15.744 mm15.294 mm
M19x0,5fine thread4g0.5 mm18.675 mm18.98 mm18.913 mm18.367 mm18.292 mm
M19x0,5fine thread4h0.5 mm18.675 mm19 mm18.933 mm18.387 mm18.312 mm
M19x0,5fine thread6g0.5 mm18.675 mm18.98 mm18.874 mm18.367 mm18.258 mm
M19x0,5fine thread6h0.5 mm18.675 mm19 mm18.894 mm18.387 mm18.278 mm
M19x0,5fine thread6e0.5 mm18.675 mm18.95 mm18.844 mm18.337 mm18.228 mm
M19x0,5fine thread4G0.5 mm18.675 mm19.02 mm18.569 mm18.479 mm
M19x0,5fine thread4H0.5 mm18.675 mm19 mm18.549 mm18.459 mm
M19x0,5fine thread6G0.5 mm18.675 mm19.02 mm18.619 mm18.479 mm
M19x0,5fine thread6H0.5 mm18.675 mm19 mm18.599 mm18.459 mm
M19x0,75fine thread4g0,75 mm18.513 mm18.978 mm18.888 mm18.058 mm17.962 mm
M19x0,75fine thread4h0,75 mm18.513 mm19 mm18.91 mm18.08 mm17.984 mm
M19x0,75fine thread6g0,75 mm18.513 mm18.978 mm18.838 mm18.058 mm17.923 mm
M19x0,75fine thread6h0,75 mm18.513 mm19 mm18.86 mm18.08 mm17.945 mm
M19x0,75fine thread6e0,75 mm18.513 mm18.944 mm18.804 mm18.024 mm17.889 mm
M19x0,75fine thread4G0,75 mm18.513 mm19.022 mm18.328 mm18.21 mm
M19x0,75fine thread4H0,75 mm18.513 mm19 mm18.306 mm18.188 mm
M19x0,75fine thread6G0,75 mm18.513 mm19.022 mm18.4 mm18.21 mm
M19x0,75fine thread6H0,75 mm18.513 mm19 mm18.378 mm18.188 mm
M19x1fine thread4g1 mm18.35 mm18.974 mm18.862 mm17.747 mm17.633 mm
M19x1fine thread4h1 mm18.35 mm19 mm18.888 mm17.773 mm17.659 mm
M19x1fine thread6g1 mm18.35 mm18.974 mm18.794 mm17.747 mm17.59 mm
M19x1fine thread6h1 mm18.35 mm19 mm18.82 mm17.773 mm17.616 mm
M19x1fine thread6e1 mm18.35 mm18.94 mm18.76 mm17.713 mm17.556 mm
M19x1fine thread4G1 mm18.35 mm19.026 mm18.093 mm17.943 mm
M19x1fine thread4H1 mm18.35 mm19 mm18.067 mm17.917 mm
M19x1fine thread6G1 mm18.35 mm19.026 mm18.179 mm17.943 mm
M19x1fine thread6H1 mm18.35 mm19 mm18.153 mm17.917 mm
M20x0,5fine thread4g0,50 mm19.675 mm19.98 mm19.913 mm19.367 mm19.292 mm
M20x0,5fine thread4h0,50 mm19.675 mm20 mm19.933 mm19.387 mm19.312 mm
M20x0,5fine thread6g0,50 mm19.675 mm19.98 mm19.874 mm19.367 mm19.258 mm
M20x0,5fine thread6h0,50 mm19.675 mm20 mm19.894 mm19.387 mm19.278 mm
M20x0,5fine thread6e0,50 mm19.675 mm19.95 mm19.844 mm19.337 mm19.228 mm
M20x0,5fine thread4G0,50 mm19.675 mm20.02 mm19.569 mm19.479 mm
M20x0,5fine thread4H0,50 mm19.675 mm20 mm19.549 mm19.459 mm
M20x0,5fine thread6G0,50 mm19.675 mm20.02 mm19.619 mm19.479 mm
M20x0,5fine thread6H0,50 mm19.675 mm20 mm19.599 mm19.459 mm
M20x0,75fine thread4g0,75 mm19.513 mm19.978 mm19.888 mm19.058 mm18.962 mm
M20x0,75fine thread4h0,75 mm19.513 mm20 mm19.91 mm19.08 mm18.984 mm
M20x0,75fine thread6g0,75 mm19.513 mm19.978 mm19.838 mm19.058 mm18.923 mm
M20x0,75fine thread6h0,75 mm19.513 mm20 mm19.86 mm19.08 mm18.945 mm
M20x0,75fine thread6e0,75 mm19.513 mm19.944 mm19.804 mm19.024 mm18.889 mm
M20x0,75fine thread4G0,75 mm19.513 mm20.022 mm19.328 mm19.21 mm
M20x0,75fine thread4H0,75 mm19.513 mm20 mm19.306 mm19.188 mm
M20x0,75fine thread6G0,75 mm19.513 mm20.022 mm19.4 mm19.21 mm
M20x0,75fine thread6H0,75 mm19.513 mm20 mm19.378 mm19.188 mm
M20x1fine thread4g1 mm19.35 mm19.974 mm19.862 mm18.747 mm18.633 mm
M20x1fine thread4h1 mm19.35 mm20 mm19.888 mm18.773 mm18.659 mm
M20x1fine thread6g1 mm19.35 mm19.974 mm19.794 mm18.747 mm18.59 mm
M20x1fine thread6h1 mm19.35 mm20 mm19.82 mm18.773 mm18.616 mm
M20x1fine thread6e1 mm19.35 mm19.94 mm19.76 mm18.713 mm18.556 mm
M20x1fine thread4G1 mm19.35 mm20.026 mm19.093 mm18.943 mm
M20x1fine thread4H1 mm19.35 mm20 mm19.067 mm18.917 mm
M20x1fine thread6G1 mm19.35 mm20.026 mm19.179 mm18.943 mm
M20x1fine thread6H1 mm19.35 mm20 mm19.153 mm18.917 mm
M20x1,5fine thread4g1,5 mm19.026 mm19.968 mm19.818 mm18.128 mm17.98 mm
M20x1,5fine thread4h1,5 mm19.026 mm20 mm19.85 mm18.16 mm18.012 mm
M20x1,5fine thread6g1,5 mm19.026 mm19.968 mm19.732 mm18.128 mm17.93 mm
M20x1,5fine thread6h1,5 mm19.026 mm20 mm19.764 mm18.16 mm17.962 mm
M20x1,5fine thread6e1,5 mm19.026 mm19.933 mm19.697 mm18.093 mm17.895 mm
M20x1,5fine thread4G1,5 mm19.026 mm20.032 mm18.598 mm18.408 mm
M20x1,5fine thread4H1,5 mm19.026 mm20 mm18.566 mm18.376 mm
M20x1,5fine thread6G1,5 mm19.026 mm20.032 mm18.708 mm18.408 mm
M20x1,5fine thread6H1,5 mm19.026 mm20 mm18.676 mm18.376 mm
M20x2fine thread4g2 mm18.701 mm19.962 mm19.782 mm17.508 mm17.331 mm
M20x2fine thread4h2 mm18.701 mm20 mm19.82 mm17.546 mm17.369 mm
M20x2fine thread6g2 mm18.701 mm19.962 mm19.682 mm17.508 mm17.271 mm
M20x2fine thread6h2 mm18.701 mm20 mm19.72 mm17.546 mm17.309 mm
M20x2fine thread6e2 mm18.701 mm19.929 mm19.649 mm17.475 mm17.238 mm
M20x2fine thread4G2 mm18.701 mm20.038 mm18.109 mm17.873 mm
M20x2fine thread4H2 mm18.701 mm20 mm18.071 mm17.835 mm
M20x2fine thread6G2 mm18.701 mm20.038 mm18.248 mm17.873 mm
M20x2fine thread6H2 mm18.701 mm20 mm18.21 mm17.835 mm
M20coarse thread4g2.5 mm18.376 mm19.958 mm19.746 mm16.891 mm16.689 mm
M20coarse thread4h2.5 mm18.376 mm20 mm19.788 mm16.933 mm16.731 mm
M20coarse thread6g2.5 mm18.376 mm19.958 mm19.623 mm16.891 mm16.625 mm
M20coarse thread6h2.5 mm18.376 mm20 mm19.665 mm16.933 mm16.667 mm
M20coarse thread6e2.5 mm18.376 mm19.92 mm19.585 mm16.853 mm16.587 mm
M20coarse thread4G2.5 mm18.376 mm20.042 mm17.616 mm17.336 mm
M20coarse thread4H2.5 mm18.376 mm20 mm17.574 mm17.294 mm
M20coarse thread6G2.5 mm18.376 mm20.042 mm17.786 mm17.336 mm
M20coarse thread6H2.5 mm18.376 mm20 mm17.744 mm17.294 mm
M21x0,75fine thread4g0,75 mm20.513 mm20.978 mm20.888 mm20.058 mm19.962 mm
M21x0,75fine thread4h0,75 mm20.513 mm21 mm20.91 mm20.08 mm19.984 mm
M21x0,75fine thread6g0,75 mm20.513 mm20.978 mm20.838 mm20.058 mm19.923 mm
M21x0,75fine thread6h0,75 mm20.513 mm21 mm20.86 mm20.08 mm19.945 mm
M21x0,75fine thread6e0,75 mm20.513 mm20.944 mm20.804 mm20.024 mm19.889 mm
M21x0,75fine thread4G0,75 mm20.513 mm21.022 mm20.328 mm20.21 mm
M21x0,75fine thread4H0,75 mm20.513 mm21 mm20.306 mm20.188 mm
M21x0,75fine thread6G0,75 mm20.513 mm21.022 mm20.4 mm20.21 mm
M21x0,75fine thread6H0,75 mm20.513 mm21 mm20.378 mm20.188 mm
M21x1fine thread4g1 mm20.35 mm20.974 mm20.862 mm19.747 mm19.633 mm
M21x1fine thread4h1 mm20.35 mm21 mm20.888 mm19.773 mm19.659 mm
M21x1fine thread6g1 mm20.35 mm20.974 mm20.794 mm19.747 mm19.59 mm
M21x1fine thread6h1 mm20.35 mm21 mm20.82 mm19.773 mm19.616 mm
M21x1fine thread6e1 mm20.35 mm20.94 mm20.76 mm19.713 mm19.556 mm
M21x1fine thread4G1 mm20.35 mm21.026 mm20.093 mm19.943 mm
M21x1fine thread4H1 mm20.35 mm21 mm20.067 mm19.917 mm
M21x1fine thread6G1 mm20.35 mm21.026 mm20.179 mm19.943 mm
M21x1fine thread6H1 mm20.35 mm21 mm20.153 mm19.917 mm
M22x0,75fine thread4g0,75 mm21.513 mm21.978 mm21.888 mm21.058 mm20.962 mm
M22x0,75fine thread4h0,75 mm21.513 mm22 mm21.91 mm21.08 mm20.984 mm
M22x0,75fine thread6g0,75 mm21.513 mm21.978 mm21.838 mm21.058 mm20.923 mm
M22x0,75fine thread6h0,75 mm21.513 mm22 mm21.86 mm21.08 mm20.945 mm
M22x0,75fine thread6e0,75 mm21.513 mm21.944 mm21.804 mm21.024 mm20.889 mm
M22x0,75fine thread4G0,75 mm21.513 mm22.022 mm21.328 mm21.21 mm
M22x0,75fine thread4H0,75 mm21.513 mm22 mm21.306 mm21.188 mm
M22x0,75fine thread6G0,75 mm21.513 mm22.022 mm21.4 mm21.21 mm
M22x0,75fine thread6H0,75 mm21.513 mm22 mm21.378 mm21.188 mm
M22x1fine thread4g1 mm21.35 mm21.974 mm21.862 mm20.747 mm20.633 mm
M22x1fine thread4h1 mm21.35 mm22 mm21.888 mm20.773 mm20.659 mm
M22x1fine thread6g1 mm21.35 mm21.974 mm21.794 mm20.747 mm20.59 mm
M22x1fine thread6h1 mm21.35 mm22 mm21.82 mm20.773 mm20.616 mm
M22x1fine thread6e1 mm21.35 mm21.94 mm21.76 mm20.713 mm20.556 mm
M22x1fine thread4G1 mm21.35 mm22.026 mm21.093 mm20.943 mm
M22x1fine thread4H1 mm21.35 mm22 mm21.067 mm20.917 mm
M22x1fine thread6G1 mm21.35 mm22.026 mm21.179 mm20.943 mm
M22x1fine thread6H1 mm21.35 mm22 mm21.153 mm20.917 mm
M22x1,5fine thread4g1,5 mm21.026 mm21.968 mm21.818 mm20.128 mm19.98 mm
M22x1,5fine thread4h1,5 mm21.026 mm22 mm21.85 mm20.16 mm20.012 mm
M22x1,5fine thread6g1,5 mm21.026 mm21.968 mm21.732 mm20.128 mm19.93 mm
M22x1,5fine thread6h1,5 mm21.026 mm22 mm21.764 mm20.16 mm19.962 mm
M22x1,5fine thread6e1,5 mm21.026 mm21.933 mm21.697 mm20.093 mm19.895 mm
M22x1,5fine thread4G1,5 mm21.026 mm22.032 mm20.598 mm20.408 mm
M22x1,5fine thread4H1,5 mm21.026 mm22 mm20.566 mm20.376 mm
M22x1,5fine thread6G1,5 mm21.026 mm22.032 mm20.708 mm20.408 mm
M22x1,5fine thread6H1,5 mm21.026 mm22 mm20.676 mm20.376 mm
M22x2fine thread4g2 mm20.701 mm21.962 mm21.782 mm19.508 mm19.331 mm
M22x2fine thread4h2 mm20.701 mm22 mm21.82 mm19.546 mm19.369 mm
M22x2fine thread6g2 mm20.701 mm21.962 mm21.682 mm19.508 mm19.271 mm
M22x2fine thread6h2 mm20.701 mm22 mm21.72 mm19.546 mm19.309 mm
M22x2fine thread6e2 mm20.701 mm21.929 mm21.649 mm19.475 mm19.238 mm
M22x2fine thread4G2 mm20.701 mm22.038 mm20.109 mm19.873 mm
M22x2fine thread4H2 mm20.701 mm22 mm20.071 mm19.835 mm
M22x2fine thread6G2 mm20.701 mm22.038 mm20.248 mm19.873 mm
M22x2fine thread6H2 mm20.701 mm22 mm20.21 mm19.835 mm
M22coarse thread4g2.5 mm20.376 mm21.958 mm21.746 mm18.891 mm18.689 mm
M22coarse thread4h2.5 mm20.376 mm22 mm21.788 mm18.933 mm18.731 mm
M22coarse thread6g2.5 mm20.376 mm21.958 mm21.623 mm18.891 mm18.625 mm
M22coarse thread6h2.5 mm20.376 mm22 mm21.665 mm18.933 mm18.667 mm
M22coarse thread6e2.5 mm20.376 mm21.92 mm21.585 mm18.853 mm18.587 mm
M22coarse thread4G2.5 mm20.376 mm22.042 mm19.616 mm19.336 mm
M22coarse thread4H2.5 mm20.376 mm22 mm19.574 mm19.294 mm
M22coarse thread6G2.5 mm20.376 mm22.042 mm19.786 mm19.336 mm
M22coarse thread6H2.5 mm20.376 mm22 mm19.744 mm19.294 mm
M23x0,75fine thread4g0,75 mm22.513 mm22.978 mm22.888 mm22.058 mm21.958 mm
M23x0,75fine thread4h0,75 mm22.513 mm23 mm22.91 mm22.08 mm21.98 mm
M23x0,75fine thread6g0,75 mm22.513 mm22.978 mm22.838 mm22.058 mm21.917 mm
M23x0,75fine thread6h0,75 mm22.513 mm23 mm22.86 mm22.08 mm21.939 mm
M23x0,75fine thread6e0,75 mm22.513 mm22.944 mm22.804 mm22.024 mm21.883 mm
M23x0,75fine thread4G0,75 mm22.513 mm23.022 mm22.328 mm22.21 mm
M23x0,75fine thread4H0,75 mm22.513 mm23 mm22.306 mm22.188 mm
M23x0,75fine thread6G0,75 mm22.513 mm23.022 mm22.4 mm22.21 mm
M23x0,75fine thread6H0,75 mm22.513 mm23 mm22.378 mm22.188 mm
M23x1fine thread4g1 mm22.35 mm22.974 mm22.862 mm21.747 mm21.628 mm
M23x1fine thread4h1 mm22.35 mm23 mm22.888 mm21.773 mm21.654 mm
M23x1fine thread6g1 mm22.35 mm22.974 mm22.794 mm21.747 mm21.583 mm
M23x1fine thread6h1 mm22.35 mm23 mm22.82 mm21.773 mm21.609 mm
M23x1fine thread6e1 mm22.35 mm22.94 mm22.76 mm21.713 mm21.549 mm
M23x1fine thread4G1 mm22.35 mm23.026 mm22.093 mm21.943 mm
M23x1fine thread4H1 mm22.35 mm23 mm22.067 mm21.917 mm
M23x1fine thread6G1 mm22.35 mm23.026 mm22.179 mm21.943 mm
M23x1fine thread6H1 mm22.35 mm23 mm22.153 mm21.917 mm
M24x0,75fine thread4g0,75 mm23.513 mm23.978 mm23.888 mm23.058 mm22.958 mm
M24x0,75fine thread4h0,75 mm23.513 mm24 mm23.91 mm23.08 mm22.98 mm
M24x0,75fine thread6g0,75 mm23.513 mm23.978 mm23.838 mm23.058 mm22.917 mm
M24x0,75fine thread6h0,75 mm23.513 mm24 mm23.86 mm23.08 mm22.939 mm
M24x0,75fine thread6e0,75 mm23.513 mm23.944 mm23.804 mm23.024 mm22.883 mm
M24x0,75fine thread4G0,75 mm23.513 mm24.022 mm23.328 mm23.21 mm
M24x0,75fine thread4H0,75 mm23.513 mm24 mm23.306 mm23.188 mm
M24x0,75fine thread6G0,75 mm23.513 mm24.022 mm23.4 mm23.21 mm
M24x0,75fine thread6H0,75 mm23.513 mm24 mm23.378 mm23.188 mm
M24x1fine thread4g1 mm23.35 mm23.974 mm23.862 mm22.747 mm22.628 mm
M24x1fine thread4h1 mm23.35 mm24 mm23.888 mm22.773 mm22.654 mm
M24x1fine thread6g1 mm23.35 mm23.974 mm23.794 mm22.747 mm22.583 mm
M24x1fine thread6h1 mm23.35 mm24 mm23.82 mm22.773 mm22.609 mm
M24x1fine thread6e1 mm23.35 mm23.94 mm23.76 mm22.713 mm22.549 mm
M24x1fine thread4G1 mm23.35 mm24.026 mm23.093 mm22.943 mm
M24x1fine thread4H1 mm23.35 mm24 mm23.067 mm22.917 mm
M24x1fine thread6G1 mm23.35 mm24.026 mm23.179 mm22.943 mm
M24x1fine thread6H1 mm23.35 mm24 mm23.153 mm22.917 mm
M24x1,5fine thread4g1,5 mm23.026 mm23.968 mm23.818 mm22.128 mm21.975 mm
M24x1,5fine thread4h1,5 mm23.026 mm24 mm23.85 mm22.16 mm22.007 mm
M24x1,5fine thread6g1,5 mm23.026 mm23.968 mm23.732 mm22.128 mm21.92 mm
M24x1,5fine thread6h1,5 mm23.026 mm24 mm23.764 mm22.16 mm21.952 mm
M24x1,5fine thread6e1,5 mm23.026 mm23.933 mm23.697 mm22.093 mm21.885 mm
M24x1,5fine thread4G1,5 mm23.026 mm24.032 mm22.598 mm22.408 mm
M24x1,5fine thread4H1,5 mm23.026 mm24 mm22.566 mm22.376 mm
M24x1,5fine thread6G1,5 mm23.026 mm24.032 mm22.708 mm22.408 mm
M24x1,5fine thread6H1,5 mm23.026 mm24 mm22.676 mm22.376 mm
M24x2fine thread4g2 mm22.701 mm23.962 mm23.782 mm21.508 mm21.325 mm
M24x2fine thread4h2 mm22.701 mm24 mm23.82 mm21.546 mm21.363 mm
M24x2fine thread6g2 mm22.701 mm23.962 mm23.682 mm21.508 mm21.261 mm
M24x2fine thread6h2 mm22.701 mm24 mm23.72 mm21.546 mm21.299 mm
M24x2fine thread6e2 mm22.701 mm23.929 mm23.649 mm21.475 mm21.228 mm
M24x2fine thread4G2 mm22.701 mm24.038 mm22.109 mm21.873 mm
M24x2fine thread4H2 mm22.701 mm24 mm22.071 mm21.835 mm
M24x2fine thread6G2 mm22.701 mm24.038 mm22.248 mm21.873 mm
M24x2fine thread6H2 mm22.701 mm24 mm22.21 mm21.835 mm
M24coarse thread4g3 mm22.051 mm23.952 mm23.716 mm20.271 mm20.03 mm
M24coarse thread4h3 mm22.051 mm24 mm23.764 mm20.319 mm20.078 mm
M24coarse thread6g3 mm22.051 mm23.952 mm23.577 mm20.271 mm19.955 mm
M24coarse thread6h3 mm22.051 mm24 mm23.625 mm20.319 mm20.003 mm
M24coarse thread6e3 mm22.051 mm23.915 mm23.54 mm20.234 mm19.918 mm
M24coarse thread4G3 mm22.051 mm24.048 mm21.115 mm20.8 mm
M24coarse thread4H3 mm22.051 mm24 mm21.067 mm20.752 mm
M24coarse thread6G3 mm22.051 mm24.048 mm21.3 mm20.8 mm
M24coarse thread6H3 mm22.051 mm24 mm21.252 mm20.752 mm
M25x0,75fine thread4g0,75 mm24.513 mm24.978 mm24.888 mm24.058 mm23.958 mm
M25x0,75fine thread4h0,75 mm24.513 mm25 mm24.91 mm24.08 mm23.98 mm
M25x0,75fine thread6g0,75 mm24.513 mm24.978 mm24.838 mm24.058 mm23.917 mm
M25x0,75fine thread6h0,75 mm24.513 mm25 mm24.86 mm24.08 mm23.939 mm
M25x0,75fine thread6e0,75 mm24.513 mm24.944 mm24.804 mm24.024 mm23.883 mm
M25x0,75fine thread4G0,75 mm24.513 mm25.022 mm24.328 mm24.21 mm
M25x0,75fine thread4H0,75 mm24.513 mm25 mm24.306 mm24.188 mm
M25x0,75fine thread6G0,75 mm24.513 mm25.022 mm24.4 mm24.21 mm
M25x0,75fine thread6H0,75 mm24.513 mm25 mm24.378 mm24.188 mm
M25x1fine thread4g1 mm24.35 mm24.974 mm24.862 mm23.747 mm23.628 mm
M25x1fine thread4h1 mm24.35 mm25 mm24.888 mm23.773 mm23.654 mm
M25x1fine thread6g1 mm24.35 mm24.974 mm24.794 mm23.747 mm23.583 mm
M25x1fine thread6h1 mm24.35 mm25 mm24.82 mm23.773 mm23.609 mm
M25x1fine thread6e1 mm24.35 mm24.94 mm24.76 mm23.713 mm23.549 mm
M25x1fine thread4G1 mm24.35 mm25.026 mm24.093 mm23.943 mm
M25x1fine thread4H1 mm24.35 mm25 mm24.067 mm23.917 mm
M25x1fine thread6G1 mm24.35 mm25.026 mm24.179 mm23.943 mm
M25x1fine thread6H1 mm24.35 mm25 mm24.153 mm23.917 mm
M25x1,5fine thread4g1,5 mm24.026 mm24.968 mm24.818 mm23.128 mm22.975 mm
M25x1,5fine thread4h1,5 mm24.026 mm25 mm24.85 mm23.16 mm23.007 mm
M25x1,5fine thread6g1,5 mm24.026 mm24.968 mm24.732 mm23.128 mm22.92 mm
M25x1,5fine thread6h1,5 mm24.026 mm25 mm24.764 mm23.16 mm22.952 mm
M25x1,5fine thread6e1,5 mm24.026 mm24.933 mm24.697 mm23.093 mm22.885 mm
M25x1,5fine thread4G1,5 mm24.026 mm25.032 mm23.598 mm23.408 mm
M25x1,5fine thread4H1,5 mm24.026 mm25 mm23.566 mm23.376 mm
M25x1,5fine thread6G1,5 mm24.026 mm25.032 mm23.708 mm23.408 mm
M25x1,5fine thread6H1,5 mm24.026 mm25 mm23.676 mm23.376 mm
M25x2fine thread4g2 mm23.701 mm24.962 mm24.782 mm22.508 mm22.325 mm
M25x2fine thread4h2 mm23.701 mm25 mm24.82 mm22.546 mm22.363 mm
M25x2fine thread6g2 mm23.701 mm24.962 mm24.682 mm22.508 mm22.261 mm
M25x2fine thread6h2 mm23.701 mm25 mm24.72 mm22.546 mm22.299 mm
M25x2fine thread6e2 mm23.701 mm24.929 mm24.649 mm22.475 mm22.228 mm
M25x2fine thread4G2 mm23.701 mm25.038 mm23.109 mm22.873 mm
M25x2fine thread4H2 mm23.701 mm25 mm23.071 mm22.835 mm
M25x2fine thread6G2 mm23.701 mm25.038 mm23.248 mm22.873 mm
M25x2fine thread6H2 mm23.701 mm25 mm23.21 mm22.835 mm
M26x0,75fine thread4g0,75 mm25.513 mm25.978 mm25.888 mm25.058 mm24.958 mm
M26x0,75fine thread4h0,75 mm25.513 mm26 mm25.91 mm25.08 mm24.98 mm
M26x0,75fine thread6g0,75 mm25.513 mm25.978 mm25.838 mm25.058 mm24.917 mm
M26x0,75fine thread6h0,75 mm25.513 mm26 mm25.86 mm25.08 mm24.939 mm
M26x0,75fine thread6e0,75 mm25.513 mm25.944 mm25.804 mm25.024 mm24.883 mm
M26x0,75fine thread4G0,75 mm25.513 mm26.022 mm25.328 mm25.328 mm
M26x0,75fine thread4H0,75 mm25.513 mm26 mm25.306 mm25.188 mm
M26x0,75fine thread6G0,75 mm25.513 mm26.022 mm25.4 mm25.21 mm
M26x0,75fine thread6H0,75 mm25.513 mm26 mm25.378 mm25.188 mm
M26x1fine thread4g1 mm25.35 mm25.974 mm25.862 mm24.747 mm24.628 mm
M26x1fine thread4h1 mm25.35 mm26 mm25.888 mm24.773 mm24.654 mm
M26x1fine thread6g1 mm25.35 mm25.974 mm25.794 mm24.747 mm24.583 mm
M26x1fine thread6h1 mm25.35 mm26 mm25.82 mm24.773 mm24.609 mm
M26x1fine thread6e1 mm25.35 mm25.94 mm25.76 mm24.713 mm24.549 mm
M26x1fine thread4G1 mm25.35 mm26.026 mm25.093 mm24.943 mm
M26x1fine thread4H1 mm25.35 mm26 mm25.067 mm24.917 mm
M26x1fine thread6G1 mm25.35 mm26.026 mm25.179 mm24.943 mm
M26x1fine thread6H1 mm25.35 mm26 mm25.153 mm24.917 mm
M26x1,5fine thread4g1,5 mm25.026 mm25.968 mm25.818 mm24.128 mm23.975 mm
M26x1,5fine thread4h1,5 mm25.026 mm26 mm25.85 mm24.16 mm24.007 mm
M26x1,5fine thread6g1,5 mm25.026 mm25.968 mm25.732 mm24.128 mm23.92 mm
M26x1,5fine thread6h1,5 mm25.026 mm26 mm25.764 mm24.16 mm23.952 mm
M26x1,5fine thread6e1,5 mm25.026 mm25.933 mm25.697 mm24.093 mm23.885 mm
M26x1,5fine thread4G1,5 mm25.026 mm26.032 mm24.598 mm24.408 mm
M26x1,5fine thread4H1,5 mm25.026 mm26 mm24.566 mm24.376 mm
M26x1,5fine thread6G1,5 mm25.026 mm26.032 mm24.708 mm24.408 mm
M26x1,5fine thread6H1,5 mm25.026 mm26 mm24.676 mm24.376 mm
M26x2fine thread4g2 mm24.701 mm25.962 mm25.782 mm23.508 mm23.325 mm
M26x2fine thread4h2 mm24.701 mm26 mm25.82 mm23.546 mm23.363 mm
M26x2fine thread6g2 mm24.701 mm25.962 mm25.682 mm23.508 mm23.261 mm
M26x2fine thread6h2 mm24.701 mm26 mm25.72 mm23.546 mm23.299 mm
M26x2fine thread6e2 mm24.701 mm25.929 mm25.649 mm23.475 mm23.228 mm
M26x2fine thread4G2 mm24.701 mm26.038 mm24.109 mm23.873 mm
M26x2fine thread4H2 mm24.701 mm26 mm24.071 mm23.835 mm
M26x2fine thread6G2 mm24.701 mm26.038 mm24.248 mm23.873 mm
M26x2fine thread6H2 mm24.701 mm26 mm24.21 mm23.835 mm
M27x0,75fine thread4g0,75 mm26.513 mm26.978 mm26.888 mm26.058 mm25.958 mm
M27x0,75fine thread4h0,75 mm26.513 mm27 mm26.91 mm26.08 mm25.98 mm
M27x0,75fine thread6g0,75 mm26.513 mm26.978 mm26.838 mm26.058 mm25.917 mm
M27x0,75fine thread6h0,75 mm26.513 mm27 mm26.86 mm26.08 mm25.939 mm
M27x0,75fine thread6e0,75 mm26.513 mm26.944 mm26.804 mm26.024 mm25.883 mm
M27x0,75fine thread4G0,75 mm26.513 mm27.022 mm26.328 mm26.21 mm
M27x0,75fine thread4H0,75 mm26.513 mm27 mm26.306 mm26.188 mm
M27x0,75fine thread6G0,75 mm26.513 mm27.022 mm26.4 mm26.21 mm
M27x0,75fine thread6H0,75 mm26.513 mm27 mm26.378 mm26.188 mm
M27x1fine thread4g1 mm26.35 mm26.974 mm26.862 mm25.747 mm25.628 mm
M27x1fine thread4h1 mm26.35 mm27 mm26.888 mm25.773 mm25.654 mm
M27x1fine thread6g1 mm26.35 mm26.974 mm26.794 mm25.747 mm25.583 mm
M27x1fine thread6h1 mm26.35 mm27 mm26.82 mm25.773 mm25.609 mm
M27x1fine thread6e1 mm26.35 mm26.94 mm26.76 mm25.713 mm25.549 mm
M27x1fine thread4G1 mm26.35 mm27.026 mm26.093 mm25.943 mm
M27x1fine thread4H1 mm26.35 mm27 mm26.067 mm25.917 mm
M27x1fine thread6G1 mm26.35 mm27.026 mm26.179 mm25.943 mm
M27x1fine thread6H1 mm26.35 mm27 mm26.153 mm25.917 mm
M27x1,5fine thread4g1,5 mm26.026 mm26.968 mm26.818 mm25.128 mm24.975 mm
M27x1,5fine thread4h1,5 mm26.026 mm27 mm26.85 mm25.16 mm25.007 mm
M27x1,5fine thread6g1,5 mm26.026 mm26.968 mm26.732 mm25.128 mm24.92 mm
M27x1,5fine thread6h1,5 mm26.026 mm27 mm26.764 mm25.16 mm24.952 mm
M27x1,5fine thread6e1,5 mm26.026 mm26.933 mm26.697 mm25.093 mm24.885 mm
M27x1,5fine thread4G1,5 mm26.026 mm27.032 mm25.598 mm25.408 mm
M27x1,5fine thread4H1,5 mm26.026 mm27 mm25.566 mm25.376 mm
M27x1,5fine thread6G1,5 mm26.026 mm27.032 mm25.708 mm25.408 mm
M27x1,5fine thread6H1,5 mm26.026 mm27 mm25.676 mm25.376 mm
M27x2fine thread4g2 mm25.701 mm26.962 mm26.782 mm24.508 mm24.325 mm
M27x2fine thread4h2 mm25.701 mm27 mm26.82 mm24.546 mm24.363 mm
M27x2fine thread6g2 mm25.701 mm26.962 mm26.682 mm24.508 mm24.261 mm
M27x2fine thread6h2 mm25.701 mm27 mm26.72 mm24.546 mm24.299 mm
M27x2fine thread6e2 mm25.701 mm26.929 mm26.649 mm24.475 mm24.228 mm
M27x2fine thread4G2 mm25.701 mm27.038 mm25.109 mm24.873 mm
M27x2fine thread4H2 mm25.701 mm27 mm25.071 mm24.835 mm
M27x2fine thread6G2 mm25.701 mm27.038 mm25.248 mm24.873 mm
M27x2fine thread6H2 mm25.701 mm27 mm25.21 mm24.835 mm
M 27coarse thread4g3 mm25.051 mm26.952 mm26.716 mm23.271 mm23.03 mm
M 27coarse thread4h3 mm25.051 mm27 mm26.764 mm23.319 mm23.078 mm
M 27coarse thread6g3 mm25.051 mm26.952 mm26.577 mm23.271 mm22.955 mm
M 27coarse thread6h3 mm25.051 mm27 mm26.625 mm23.319 mm23.003 mm
M 27coarse thread6e3 mm25.051 mm26.915 mm26.54 mm23.234 mm22.918 mm
M 27coarse thread4G3 mm25.051 mm27.048 mm24.115 mm23.8 mm
M 27coarse thread4H3 mm25.051 mm27 mm24.067 mm23.752 mm
M 27coarse thread6G3 mm25.051 mm27.048 mm24.3 mm23.8 mm
M 27coarse thread6H3 mm25.051 mm27 mm24.252 mm23.752 mm
M28x0,75fine thread4g0,75 mm27.513 mm27.978 mm27.888 mm27.058 mm26.958 mm
M28x0,75fine thread4h0,75 mm27.513 mm28 mm27.91 mm27.08 mm26.98 mm
M28x0,75fine thread6g0,75 mm27.513 mm27.978 mm27.838 mm27.058 mm26.917 mm
M28x0,75fine thread6h0,75 mm27.513 mm28 mm27.86 mm27.08 mm26.939 mm
M28x0,75fine thread6e0,75 mm27.513 mm27.944 mm27.804 mm27.024 mm26.883 mm
M28x0,75fine thread4G0,75 mm27.513 mm28.022 mm27.328 mm27.21 mm
M28x0,75fine thread4H0,75 mm27.513 mm28 mm27.306 mm27.188 mm
M28x0,75fine thread6G0,75 mm27.513 mm28.022 mm27.4 mm27.21 mm
M28x0,75fine thread6H0,75 mm27.513 mm28 mm27.378 mm27.188 mm
M28x1fine thread4g1 mm27.35 mm27.974 mm27.862 mm26.747 mm26.628 mm
M28x1fine thread4h1 mm27.35 mm28 mm27.888 mm26.773 mm26.654 mm
M28x1fine thread6g1 mm27.35 mm27.974 mm27.794 mm26.747 mm26.583 mm
M28x1fine thread6h1 mm27.35 mm28 mm27.82 mm26.773 mm26.609 mm
M28x1fine thread6e1 mm27.35 mm27.94 mm27.76 mm26.713 mm26.549 mm
M28x1fine thread4G1 mm27.35 mm28.026 mm27.093 mm26.943 mm
M28x1fine thread4H1 mm27.35 mm28 mm27.067 mm26.917 mm
M28x1fine thread6G1 mm27.35 mm28.026 mm27.179 mm26.943 mm
M28x1fine thread6H1 mm27.35 mm28 mm27.153 mm26.917 mm
M28x1,5fine thread4g1,5 mm27.026 mm27.968 mm27.818 mm26.128 mm25.975 mm
M28x1,5fine thread4h1,5 mm27.026 mm28 mm27.85 mm26.16 mm26.007 mm
M28x1,5fine thread6g1,5 mm27.026 mm27.968 mm27.732 mm26.128 mm25.92 mm
M28x1,5fine thread6h1,5 mm27.026 mm28 mm27.764 mm26.16 mm25.952 mm
M28x1,5fine thread6e1,5 mm27.026 mm27.933 mm27.697 mm26.093 mm25.885 mm
M28x1,5fine thread4G1,5 mm27.026 mm28.032 mm26.598 mm26.408 mm
M28x1,5fine thread4H1,5 mm27.026 mm28 mm26.566 mm26.376 mm
M28x1,5fine thread6G1,5 mm27.026 mm28.032 mm26.708 mm26.408 mm
M28x1,5fine thread6H1,5 mm27.026 mm28 mm26.676 mm26.376 mm
M28x2fine thread4g2 mm26.701 mm27.962 mm27.782 mm25.508 mm25.325 mm
M28x2fine thread4h2 mm26.701 mm28 mm27.82 mm25.546 mm25.363 mm
M28x2fine thread6g2 mm26.701 mm27.962 mm27.682 mm25.508 mm25.261 mm
M28x2fine thread6h2 mm26.701 mm28 mm27.72 mm25.546 mm25.299 mm
M28x2fine thread6e2 mm26.701 mm27.929 mm27.649 mm25.475 mm25.228 mm
M28x2fine thread4G2 mm26.701 mm28.038 mm26.109 mm25.873 mm
M28x2fine thread4H2 mm26.701 mm28 mm26.071 mm25.835 mm
M28x2fine thread6G2 mm26.701 mm28.038 mm26.248 mm25.873 mm
M28x2fine thread6H2 mm26.701 mm28 mm26.21 mm25.835 mm
M30x0,75fine thread4g0,75 mm29.513 mm29.978 mm29.888 mm29.058 mm28.958 mm
M30x0,75fine thread4h0,75 mm29.513 mm30 mm29.91 mm29.08 mm28.98 mm
M30x0,75fine thread6g0,75 mm29.513 mm29.978 mm29.838 mm29.058 mm28.917 mm
M30x0,75fine thread6h0,75 mm29.513 mm30 mm29.86 mm29.08 mm28.939 mm
M30x0,75fine thread6e0,75 mm29.513 mm29.944 mm29.804 mm29.024 mm28.883 mm
M30x0,75fine thread4G0,75 mm29.513 mm30.022 mm29.328 mm29.21 mm
M30x0,75fine thread4H0,75 mm29.513 mm30 mm29.306 mm29.188 mm
M30x0,75fine thread6G0,75 mm29.513 mm30.022 mm29.4 mm29.21 mm
M30x0,75fine thread6H0,75 mm29.513 mm30 mm29.378 mm29.188 mm
M30x1fine thread4g1 mm29.35 mm29.974 mm29.862 mm28.747 mm28.628 mm
M30x1fine thread4h1 mm29.35 mm30 mm29.888 mm28.773 mm28.654 mm
M30x1fine thread6g1 mm29.35 mm29.974 mm29.794 mm28.747 mm28.583 mm
M30x1fine thread6h1 mm29.35 mm30 mm29.82 mm28.773 mm28.609 mm
M30x1fine thread6e1 mm29.35 mm29.94 mm29.76 mm28.713 mm28.549 mm
M30x1fine thread4G1 mm29.35 mm30.026 mm29.093 mm28.943 mm
M30x1fine thread4H1 mm29.35 mm30 mm29.067 mm28.917 mm
M30x1fine thread6G1 mm29.35 mm30.026 mm29.179 mm28.943 mm
M30x1fine thread6H1 mm29.35 mm30 mm29.153 mm28.917 mm
M30x1,5fine thread4g1,5 mm29.026 mm29.968 mm29.818 mm28.128 mm27.975 mm
M30x1,5fine thread4h1,5 mm29.026 mm30 mm29.85 mm28.16 mm28.007 mm
M30x1,5fine thread6g1,5 mm29.026 mm29.968 mm29.732 mm28.128 mm27.92 mm
M30x1,5fine thread6h1,5 mm29.026 mm30 mm29.764 mm28.16 mm27.952 mm
M30x1,5fine thread6e1,5 mm29.026 mm29.933 mm29.697 mm28.093 mm27.885 mm
M30x1,5fine thread4G1,5 mm29.026 mm30.032 mm28.598 mm28.408 mm
M30x1,5fine thread4H1,5 mm29.026 mm30 mm28.566 mm28.376 mm
M30x1,5fine thread6G1,5 mm29.026 mm30.032 mm28.708 mm28.408 mm
M30x1,5fine thread6H1,5 mm29.026 mm30 mm28.676 mm28.376 mm
M30x2fine thread4g2 mm28.701 mm29.962 mm29.782 mm27.508 mm27.325 mm
M30x2fine thread4h2 mm28.701 mm30 mm29.82 mm27.546 mm27.363 mm
M30x2fine thread6g2 mm28.701 mm29.962 mm29.682 mm27.508 mm27.261 mm
M30x2fine thread6h2 mm28.701 mm30 mm29.72 mm27.546 mm27.299 mm
M30x2fine thread6e2 mm28.701 mm29.929 mm29.649 mm27.475 mm27.228 mm
M30x2fine thread4G2 mm28.701 mm30.038 mm28.109 mm27.873 mm
M30x2fine thread4H2 mm28.701 mm30 mm28.071 mm27.835 mm
M30x2fine thread6G2 mm28.701 mm30.038 mm28.248 mm27.873 mm
M30x2fine thread6H2 mm28.701 mm30 mm28.21 mm27.835 mm
M30x3fine thread4g3 mm28.051 mm29.952 mm29.716 mm26.271 mm26.03 mm
M30x3fine thread4h3 mm28.051 mm30 mm29.764 mm26.319 mm26.078 mm
M30x3fine thread6g3 mm28.051 mm29.952 mm29.577 mm26.271 mm25.955 mm
M30x3fine thread6h3 mm28.051 mm30 mm29.625 mm26.319 mm26.003 mm
M30x3fine thread6e3 mm28.051 mm29.915 mm29.54 mm26.234 mm25.918 mm
M30x3fine thread4G3 mm28.051 mm30.048 mm27.115 mm26.8 mm
M30x3fine thread4H3 mm28.051 mm30 mm27.067 mm26.752 mm
M30x3fine thread6G3 mm28.051 mm30.048 mm27.3 mm26.8 mm
M30x3fine thread6H3 mm28.051 mm30 mm27.252 mm26.752 mm
M30coarse thread4g3.5 mm27.727 mm29.947 mm29.682 mm25.653 mm25.386 mm
M30coarse thread4h3.5 mm27.727 mm30 mm29.735 mm25.706 mm25.439 mm
M30coarse thread6g3.5 mm27.727 mm29.947 mm29.522 mm25.653 mm25.306 mm
M30coarse thread6h3.5 mm27.727 mm30 mm29.575 mm25.706 mm25.359 mm
M30coarse thread6e3.5 mm27.727 mm29.91 mm29.485 mm25.616 mm25.269 mm
M30coarse thread4G3.5 mm27.727 mm30.053 mm26.619 mm26.264 mm
M30coarse thread4H3.5 mm27.727 mm30 mm26.566 mm26.211 mm
M30coarse thread6G3.5 mm27.727 mm30.053 mm26.824 mm26.264 mm
M30coarse thread6H3.5 mm27.727 mm30 mm26.771 mm26.211 mm
M32x1fine thread4g1 mm31.35 mm31.974 mm31.862 mm30.747 mm30.628 mm
M32x1fine thread4h1 mm31.35 mm32 mm31.888 mm30.773 mm30.654 mm
M32x1fine thread6g1 mm31.35 mm31.974 mm31.794 mm30.747 mm30.583 mm
M32x1fine thread6h1 mm31.35 mm32 mm31.82 mm30.773 mm30.609 mm
M32x1fine thread6e1 mm31.35 mm31.94 mm31.76 mm30.713 mm30.549 mm
M32x1fine thread4G1 mm31.35 mm32.026 mm31.093 mm30.943 mm
M32x1fine thread4H1 mm31.35 mm32 mm31.067 mm30.917 mm
M32x1fine thread6G1 mm31.35 mm32.026 mm31.179 mm30.943 mm
M32x1fine thread6H1 mm31.35 mm32 mm31.153 mm30.917 mm
M32x1,5fine thread4g1,5 mm31.026 mm31.968 mm31.818 mm30.128 mm29.975 mm
M32x1,5fine thread4h1,5 mm31.026 mm32 mm31.85 mm30.16 mm30.007 mm
M32x1,5fine thread6g1,5 mm31.026 mm31.968 mm31.732 mm30.128 mm29.92 mm
M32x1,5fine thread6h1,5 mm31.026 mm32 mm31.764 mm30.16 mm29.952 mm
M32x1,5fine thread6e1,5 mm31.026 mm31.933 mm31.697 mm30.093 mm29.885 mm
M32x1,5fine thread4G1,5 mm31.026 mm32.032 mm30.598 mm30.408 mm
M32x1,5fine thread4H1,5 mm31.026 mm32 mm30.566 mm30.376 mm
M32x1,5fine thread6G1,5 mm31.026 mm32.032 mm30.708 mm30.408 mm
M32x1,5fine thread6H1,5 mm31.026 mm32 mm30.676 mm30.376 mm
M32x2fine thread4g2 mm30.701 mm31.962 mm31.782 mm29.508 mm29.325 mm
M32x2fine thread4h2 mm30.701 mm32 mm31.82 mm29.546 mm29.363 mm
M32x2fine thread6g2 mm30.701 mm31.962 mm31.682 mm29.508 mm29.261 mm
M32x2fine thread6h2 mm30.701 mm32 mm31.72 mm29.546 mm29.299 mm
M32x2fine thread6e2 mm30.701 mm31.929 mm31.649 mm29.475 mm29.228 mm
M32x2fine thread4G2 mm30.701 mm32.038 mm30.109 mm29.873 mm
M32x2fine thread4H2 mm30.701 mm32 mm30.071 mm29.835 mm
M32x2fine thread6G2 mm30.701 mm32.038 mm30.248 mm29.873 mm
M32x2fine thread6H2 mm30.701 mm32 mm30.21 mm29.835 mm
M33x1fine thread4g1 mm32.35 mm32.974 mm32.862 mm31.747 mm31.628 mm
M33x1fine thread4h1 mm32.35 mm33 mm32.888 mm31.773 mm31.654 mm
M33x1fine thread6g1 mm32.35 mm32.974 mm32.794 mm31.747 mm31.583 mm
M33x1fine thread6h1 mm32.35 mm33 mm32.82 mm31.773 mm31.609 mm
M33x1fine thread6e1 mm32.35 mm32.94 mm32.76 mm31.713 mm31.549 mm
M33x1fine thread4G1 mm32.35 mm33.026 mm32.093 mm31.943 mm
M33x1fine thread4H1 mm32.35 mm33 mm32.067 mm31.917 mm
M33x1fine thread6G1 mm32.35 mm33.026 mm32.179 mm31.943 mm
M33x1fine thread6H1 mm32.35 mm33 mm32.153 mm31.917 mm
M33x1,5fine thread4g1,5 mm32.026 mm32.968 mm32.818 mm31.128 mm30.975 mm
M33x1,5fine thread4h1,5 mm32.026 mm33 mm32.85 mm31.16 mm31.007 mm
M33x1,5fine thread6g1,5 mm32.026 mm32.968 mm32.732 mm31.128 mm30.92 mm
M33x1,5fine thread6h1,5 mm32.026 mm33 mm32.764 mm31.16 mm30.952 mm
M33x1,5fine thread6e1,5 mm32.026 mm32.933 mm32.697 mm31.093 mm30.885 mm
M33x1,5fine thread4G1,5 mm32.026 mm33.032 mm31.598 mm31.408 mm
M33x1,5fine thread4H1,5 mm32.026 mm33 mm31.566 mm31.376 mm
M33x1,5fine thread6G1,5 mm32.026 mm33.032 mm31.708 mm31.408 mm
M33x1,5fine thread6H1,5 mm32.026 mm33 mm31.676 mm31.376 mm
M33x2fine thread4g2 mm31.701 mm32.962 mm32.782 mm30.508 mm30.325 mm
M33x2fine thread4h2 mm31.701 mm33 mm32.82 mm30.546 mm30.363 mm
M33x2fine thread6g2 mm31.701 mm32.962 mm32.682 mm30.508 mm30.261 mm
M33x2fine thread6h2 mm31.701 mm33 mm32.72 mm30.546 mm30.299 mm
M33x2fine thread6e2 mm31.701 mm32.929 mm32.649 mm30.475 mm30.228 mm
M33x2fine thread4G2 mm31.701 mm33.038 mm31.109 mm30.873 mm
M33x2fine thread4H2 mm31.701 mm33 mm31.071 mm30.835 mm
M33x2fine thread6G2 mm31.701 mm33.038 mm31.248 mm30.873 mm
M33x2fine thread6H2 mm31.701 mm33 mm31.21 mm30.835 mm
M33x3fine thread4g3 mm31.051 mm32.952 mm32.716 mm29.271 mm29.03 mm
M33x3fine thread4h3 mm31.051 mm33 mm32.764 mm29.319 mm29.078 mm
M33x3fine thread6g3 mm31.051 mm32.952 mm32.577 mm29.271 mm28.955 mm
M33x3fine thread6h3 mm31.051 mm33 mm32.625 mm29.319 mm29.003 mm
M33x3fine thread6e3 mm31.051 mm32.915 mm32.54 mm29.234 mm28.918 mm
M33x3fine thread4G3 mm31.051 mm33.048 mm30.115 mm29.8 mm
M33x3fine thread4H3 mm31.051 mm33 mm30.067 mm29.752 mm
M33x3fine thread6G3 mm31.051 mm33.048 mm30.3 mm29.8 mm
M33x3fine thread6H3 mm31.051 mm33 mm30.252 mm29.752 mm
M33coarse thread4g3.5 mm30.727 mm32.947 mm32.682 mm28.653 mm28.386 mm
M33coarse thread4h3.5 mm30.727 mm33 mm32.735 mm28.706 mm28.439 mm
M33coarse thread6g3.5 mm30.727 mm32.947 mm32.522 mm28.653 mm28.306 mm
M33coarse thread6h3.5 mm30.727 mm33 mm32.575 mm28.706 mm28.359 mm
M33coarse thread6e3.5 mm30.727 mm32.91 mm32.485 mm28.616 mm28.269 mm
M33coarse thread4G3.5 mm30.727 mm33.053 mm29.619 mm29.264 mm
M33coarse thread4H3.5 mm30.727 mm33 mm29.566 mm29.211 mm
M33coarse thread6G3.5 mm30.727 mm33.053 mm29.824 mm29.264 mm
M33coarse thread6H3.5 mm30.727 mm33 mm29.771 mm29.211 mm
M34x1fine thread4g1 mm33.35 mm33.974 mm33.862 mm32.747 mm32.628 mm
M34x1fine thread4h1 mm33.35 mm34 mm33.888 mm32.773 mm32.654 mm
M34x1fine thread6g1 mm33.35 mm33.974 mm33.794 mm32.747 mm32.583 mm
M34x1fine thread6h1 mm33.35 mm34 mm33.82 mm32.773 mm32.609 mm
M34x1fine thread6e1 mm33.35 mm33.94 mm33.76 mm32.713 mm32.549 mm
M34x1fine thread4G1 mm33.35 mm34.026 mm33.093 mm32.943 mm
M34x1fine thread4H1 mm33.35 mm34 mm33.067 mm32.917 mm
M34x1fine thread6G1 mm33.35 mm34.026 mm33.179 mm32.943 mm
M34x1fine thread6H1 mm33.35 mm34 mm33.153 mm32.917 mm
M34x1,5fine thread4g1,5 mm33.026 mm33.968 mm33.818 mm32.128 mm31.975 mm
M34x1,5fine thread4h1,5 mm33.026 mm34 mm33.85 mm32.16 mm32.007 mm
M34x1,5fine thread6g1,5 mm33.026 mm33.968 mm33.732 mm32.128 mm31.92 mm
M34x1,5fine thread6h1,5 mm33.026 mm34 mm33.764 mm32.16 mm31.952 mm
M34x1,5fine thread6e1,5 mm33.026 mm33.933 mm33.697 mm32.093 mm31.885 mm
M34x1,5fine thread4G1,5 mm33.026 mm34.032 mm32.598 mm32.408 mm
M34x1,5fine thread4H1,5 mm33.026 mm34 mm32.566 mm32.376 mm
M34x1,5fine thread6G1,5 mm33.026 mm34.032 mm32.708 mm32.408 mm
M34x1,5fine thread6H1,5 mm33.026 mm34 mm32.676 mm32.376 mm
M34x2fine thread4g2 mm32.701 mm33.962 mm33.782 mm31.508 mm31.325 mm
M34x2fine thread4h2 mm32.701 mm34 mm33.82 mm31.546 mm31.363 mm
M34x2fine thread6g2 mm32.701 mm33.962 mm33.682 mm31.508 mm31.261 mm
M34x2fine thread6h2 mm32.701 mm34 mm33.72 mm31.546 mm31.299 mm
M34x2fine thread6e2 mm32.701 mm33.929 mm33.649 mm31.475 mm31.228 mm
M34x2fine thread4G2 mm32.701 mm34.038 mm32.109 mm31.873 mm
M34x2fine thread4H2 mm32.701 mm34 mm32.071 mm31.835 mm
M34x2fine thread6G2 mm32.701 mm34.038 mm32.248 mm31.873 mm
M34x2fine thread6H2 mm32.701 mm34 mm32.21 mm31.835 mm
M35x1fine thread4g1 mm34.35 mm34.974 mm34.862 mm33.747 mm33.628 mm
M35x1fine thread4h1 mm34.35 mm35 mm34.888 mm33.773 mm33.654 mm
M35x1fine thread6g1 mm34.35 mm34.974 mm34.794 mm33.747 mm33.583 mm
M35x1fine thread6h1 mm34.35 mm35 mm34.82 mm33.773 mm33.609 mm
M35x1fine thread6e1 mm34.35 mm34.94 mm34.76 mm33.713 mm33.549 mm
M35x1fine thread4G1 mm34.35 mm35.026 mm34.093 mm33.943 mm
M35x1fine thread4H1 mm34.35 mm35 mm34.067 mm33.917 mm
M35x1fine thread6G1 mm34.35 mm35.026 mm34.179 mm33.943 mm
M35x1fine thread6H1 mm34.35 mm35 mm34.153 mm33.917 mm
M35x1,5fine thread4g1,5 mm34.026 mm34.968 mm34.818 mm33.128 mm32.975 mm
M35x1,5fine thread4h1,5 mm34.026 mm35 mm34.85 mm33.16 mm33.007 mm
M35x1,5fine thread6g1,5 mm34.026 mm34.968 mm34.732 mm33.128 mm32.92 mm
M35x1,5fine thread6h1,5 mm34.026 mm35 mm34.764 mm33.16 mm32.952 mm
M35x1,5fine thread6e1,5 mm34.026 mm34.933 mm34.697 mm33.093 mm32.885 mm
M35x1,5fine thread4G1,5 mm34.026 mm35.032 mm33.598 mm33.408 mm
M35x1,5fine thread4H1,5 mm34.026 mm35 mm33.566 mm33.376 mm
M35x1,5fine thread6G1,5 mm34.026 mm35.032 mm33.708 mm33.408 mm
M35x1,5fine thread6H1,5 mm34.026 mm35 mm33.676 mm33.376 mm
M35x2fine thread4g2 mm33.701 mm34.962 mm34.782 mm32.508 mm32.325 mm
M35x2fine thread4h2 mm33.701 mm35 mm34.82 mm32.546 mm32.363 mm
M35x2fine thread6g2 mm33.701 mm34.962 mm34.682 mm32.508 mm32.261 mm
M35x2fine thread6h2 mm33.701 mm35 mm34.72 mm32.546 mm32.299 mm
M35x2fine thread6e2 mm33.701 mm34.929 mm34.649 mm32.475 mm32.228 mm
M35x2fine thread4G2 mm33.701 mm35.038 mm33.109 mm32.873 mm
M35x2fine thread4H2 mm33.701 mm35 mm33.071 mm32.835 mm
M35x2fine thread6G2 mm33.701 mm35.038 mm33.248 mm32.873 mm
M35x2fine thread6H2 mm33.701 mm35 mm33.21 mm32.835 mm
M36x1fine thread4g1 mm35.35 mm35.974 mm35.862 mm34.747 mm34.628 mm
M36x1fine thread4h1 mm35.35 mm36 mm35.888 mm34.773 mm34.654 mm
M36x1fine thread6g1 mm35.35 mm35.974 mm35.794 mm34.747 mm34.583 mm
M36x1fine thread6h1 mm35.35 mm36 mm35.82 mm34.773 mm34.609 mm
M36x1fine thread6e1 mm35.35 mm35.94 mm35.76 mm34.713 mm34.549 mm
M36x1fine thread4G1 mm35.35 mm36.026 mm35.093 mm34.943 mm
M36x1fine thread4H1 mm35.35 mm36 mm35.067 mm34.917 mm
M36x1fine thread6G1 mm35.35 mm36.026 mm35.179 mm34.943 mm
M36x1fine thread6H1 mm35.35 mm36 mm35.153 mm34.917 mm
M36x1,5fine thread4g1,5 mm35.026 mm35.968 mm35.818 mm34.128 mm33.975 mm
M36x1,5fine thread4h1,5 mm35.026 mm36 mm35.85 mm34.16 mm34.007 mm
M36x1,5fine thread6g1,5 mm35.026 mm35.968 mm35.732 mm34.128 mm33.92 mm
M36x1,5fine thread6h1,5 mm35.026 mm36 mm35.764 mm34.16 mm33.952 mm
M36x1,5fine thread6e1,5 mm35.026 mm35.933 mm35.697 mm34.093 mm33.885 mm
M36x1,5fine thread4G1,5 mm35.026 mm36.032 mm34.598 mm34.408 mm
M36x1,5fine thread4H1,5 mm35.026 mm36 mm34.566 mm34.376 mm
M36x1,5fine thread6G1,5 mm35.026 mm36.032 mm34.708 mm34.408 mm
M36x1,5fine thread6H1,5 mm35.026 mm36 mm34.676 mm34.376 mm
M36x2fine thread4g2 mm34.701 mm35.962 mm35.782 mm33.508 mm33.325 mm
M36x2fine thread4h2 mm34.701 mm36 mm35.82 mm33.546 mm33.363 mm
M36x2fine thread6g2 mm34.701 mm35.962 mm35.682 mm33.508 mm33.261 mm
M36x2fine thread6h2 mm34.701 mm36 mm35.72 mm33.546 mm33.299 mm
M36x2fine thread6e2 mm34.701 mm35.929 mm35.649 mm33.475 mm33.228 mm
M36x2fine thread4G2 mm34.701 mm36.038 mm34.109 mm33.873 mm
M36x2fine thread4H2 mm34.701 mm36 mm34.071 mm33.835 mm
M36x2fine thread6G2 mm34.701 mm36.038 mm34.248 mm33.873 mm
M36x2fine thread6H2 mm34.701 mm36 mm34.21 mm33.835 mm
M36coarse thread4g4 mm33.402 mm35.94 mm35.64 mm31.033 mm30.739 mm
M36coarse thread4h4 mm33.402 mm36 mm35.7 mm31.093 mm30.799 mm
M36coarse thread6g4 mm33.402 mm35.94 mm35.465 mm31.033 mm30.655 mm
M36coarse thread6h4 mm33.402 mm36 mm35.525 mm31.093 mm30.715 mm
M36coarse thread6e4 mm33.402 mm35.905 mm35.43 mm30.998 mm30.62 mm
M36coarse thread4G4 mm33.402 mm36.06 mm32.105 mm31.73 mm
M36coarse thread4H4 mm33.402 mm36 mm32.045 mm31.67 mm
M36coarse thread6G4 mm33.402 mm36.06 mm32.33 mm31.73 mm
M36coarse thread6H4 mm33.402 mm36 mm32.27 mm31.67 mm