Standardized fasteners for your needs

As a full-service supplier for all types of connecting parts, of course, all standardized dimensions are also part of our delivery spectrum. The focus here is on medium and large quantities, where we can offer our customers particularly good purchasing advantages.

Post-processing and finishing of standard parts

Do you need standardized connecting parts with additional post-processing?
We would be happy to make you an individual offer and offer you technical reworking with regard to the part geometry (e.g. bores, grinding or milling work), additional finishing in the form of a desired surface, special coatings or hardening processes.

Benefit from our wealth of experience in this sector and send us your individual requirements as an inquiry.

Standardized fasteners in all dimensions

We are happy to offer you competent advice on the selection of your desired fasteners according to DIN, ISO, EN or ANSI. We have excellent delivery options in sizes from M1,2 to M 200 and lengths from 3mm to 3000mm. Special dimensions are possible on request.

We also offer a wide variety of thread types and supply standard parts with metric, fine, trapezoidal, round, BSW, BSF, UNC, UNF, UN threads, Witworth or pipe threads.

Below is an extract from our standard parts product portfolio:


  • Flat head screws with hexagon socket ISO 7380
  • Hexagon screws DIN 933
  • Lock screws DIN 603
  • Wood screws DIN 571
  • Hexagon socket head cap screws DIN 912
  • Countersunk screws ISO 14581 similar to DIN 965


  • Bolt with extension shaft DIN 2510
  • Bolt with head and pin hole DIN 1444


  • Flange nuts DIN 6923
  • Flat nuts DIN 439
  • Locknuts according to DIN 980, DIN 982 or DIN 985
  • Hexagon nuts DIN 934


  • Serrated lock washers DIN 6798
  • Spring washers DIN 137
  • Washers DIN 125 or DIN 9021


  • Threaded rods DIN 976
  • Set screws DIN 913 and DIN 914
  • Parallel pins DIN 7
  • Keys DIN 6885
  • Adapter sleeves (dowel pins) DIN 1481