Reworking and Finishing NORM + DREH
Reworking and refining from a single source

If necessary, we take care of all rework and finishing!
The advantage for you is that you receive everything from one source and tested NORM DREH quality!

We act as a quasi-manufacturer and full-service supplier by taking over the entire manufacturing process and quality control in your favor.

  • subsequent machining such as drilling, milling, hardening, grinding, slitting and much more.
  • various surface treatments
  • Pretreatments, primer, topcoats
  • various special works, such as assemble, pack or sort as desired
  • qualitative control measures

Selection of mechanical processing

Of course we can also do mechanical post-processing for you.
Here is a small selection of the possibilities - if you would like a processing that is not listed, just contact us.
  • Shortening to special lengths
  • Re-cut thread (also fine and left-hand thread)
  • Turn pins and groove (DIN 561)
  • Turn tip and groove (DIN 564)
  • Milling slots
  • Turn shaft behind (DIN 7964)
  • Turn ring cutter
  • Drilling (pinhole, transverse and longitudinal bores)
  • Head holes
  • polishing