Prefabricated mounting accessories

Fastening sets - packaged appropriately for industry and consumers

Fastening accessories packed packed

We assemble a wide variety of fastening sets according to your wishes and needs.
Our packaging service is an integral part of our portfolio.
We have already supplied a variety of different "mounting kits" to industrial end users and have gained some experience in this area.

Depending on the requirements, we also pack the components you have provided, such as B. flyers, assembly descriptions or the like, together with our connecting parts according to your ideas!

The main advantages for you:

  • We procure the required items including packaging
  • We handle the print jobs and labeling
  • If necessary, we cooperate with your previous single suppliers
  • We pack on time
  • Individual advice and development of environmentally friendly packaging
  • Everything is tailored to your products or their (final) assembly